7 More Reasons to Remain a Non-Smoker

First of all – CONGRATULATIONS! It’s been a couple of months now since your last cigarette. You know you are doing great and your health has dramatically improved. But sometimes, you still feel a deep desire to smoke. You are hesitant though that if you light up, the habit starts again. Certainly, it will. It just takes one cigarette to bring you back to smoking over and over again.

Every time you feel like smoking, it can be helpful to bear in mind the following things. In the past blogs, we’ve talked about the positive effects of quitting and what it’s like to live a smoke-free life. Today, let’s talk about some other reasons to remain non-smoker for the coming days, months and years!

  1. Smokers are not getting popular anymore. This addictive habit is no longer socially accepted. Before, smoking was considered a fad. Celebrities, supermodels and prominent individuals are seen smoking and the public thinks it is cool. But due to the massive campaigns and awareness programs about smoking, people have begun to realize that smoking is dirty, stinky, and deadly!
  2. You get to enjoy a stress-free life. Smoking allows toxic compounds to enter into your system, damaging cells in your brain. These chemicals also prevent your blood from circulating properly. As a result, you feel more anxious, tensed, stressed and mentally unhealthy. If you want to manage stress and improve your wellbeing, remain a non-smoker!
  3. You’ll look younger than ever. Whether you’re looking to find a potential partner or improve your existing relationship, quitting smoking for good will certainly help you a lot in terms of physical appearance. You know for sure that cigarettes put stain on your teeth, make your breath stinks and your skin dry and increase your wrinkles! So if you want to beat aging and stay gorgeous as ever, never attempt to smoke again!
  4. Smoking isn’t enjoyable as you think it is. If you feel like smoking simply because you find it enjoyable, think again! There’s nothing really enjoyable with the fact that you are puffing your life away. Smoking makes you cough a lot. It makes you irritable, stressed, anxious and completely worn out!
  5. You’ll get to see your children and the children of your children. Non-smokers generally live a longer life than smokers. It’s because they have a lower risk of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses.
  6. You continue to inspire others. Many people struggle to quit smoking every day. By showing them that it is possible to quit for good, you are giving them inspiration and motivation to do the same.
  7. Not smoking improves your general wellbeing. Staying cigarette-free will certainly improve your health and your sense of wellbeing. Quitting will take away your worries, fears, and anxiety about the ill effects of cigarettes. At the same time, it reduces your irritability and makes you feel more relaxed and energetic to survive all the days to come.



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