5 More Reasons Why You Want to Quit Smoking Other than Lung Cancer

Almost everyone knows the harmful effects of smoking – from lung cancer to cardiovascular diseases and premature death. The good news is, more and more smokers are trying to quit each year. Giving up the habit of smoking benefits not only the smoker, but also the people around them.

Aside from reducing your risk of developing chronic diseases, there are more reasons why you want to quit smoking now. Read on to find out.

You will have healthier hair. Looking at your thinning hair everyday in the mirror makes you feel older. But have you ever wondered why it happens? Well, if you’re a smoker, you may want to quit smoking to save what’s left with your hair. If you quit smoking now, you’ll have better chance of saving your scalp from baldness. Smoking, drinking, and stress increase your risk of hair loss. Heavy smokers who consume 20 cigarettes everyday have greater risk of baldness even after considering other risk factors like age and race.

You will have better mood. Nicotine affects how your brain reacts. Smokers would normally feel anxious when the nicotine level in their body drops. As a result, they get easily irritated, angry, and depressed. Quitting smoking will help improve how you react on stressful situations. According to a study conducted by Brown University, quitting smoking can actually make you a happier person. Not only will you feel healthier after you quit, you’ll also feel better about yourself.

You will live longer. Women who quit smoking can live a decade longer than those who continued smoking, according to a study. The more cigarette a smoker consume, the higher the risk becomes. Even light smokers who light 1 to 9 cigarettes daily are 2 times at risk of premature death compared to non-smoker. The study further suggests that people who quit smoking before they reach middle age will live ten years longer.

Your body can deal with colds better. Smokers may suffer severe symptoms even from a mild cold. This can be attributed to the harmful effect of nicotine to your immune system. Smoking suppresses your body’s natural capability to fight viruses and diseases such as flu.

You will have better pregnancy. Women who smoke regularly are more likely to experience difficulty conceiving a child. According to studies, women who smoke have 60% higher risk of infertility. Spontaneous miscarriage is also more frequent among women smokers. If you quit smoking now you have better chances of getting pregnant. Smoking also affects male fertility and potency. So if you want to last longer in bed, better quit smoking today.

It’s never too late for you to quit smoking to significantly improve your health. Quitting smoking can really make a big difference in your health. Quitting also improves your outlook in life. Living a healthy lifestyle gives you the vigor to strive and live each day to the fullest.



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