Top 5 Coolest Things of Being a Non-Smoker

Finally the world is becoming more health-wise and many people are trying their best to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the most common challenges among those people who are trying to make their lifestyle healthier is the struggle to quit smoking. If you are one of those people who need some inspiration to overcome smoke addiction, here are the top five coolest thing of being a non-smoker.

Live Longer!

Staying longer and doing more are just some of the things which we will value when we age. Don’t you know that by just quitting smoke today, you have a better chance of living longer than those who wouldn’t? According to American Cancer Society, those people who stop smoking live longer than those frequent smokers who continue their vice. In addition to that, those individuals who quit smoking before the age of 50 have cut their risk of dying by 50% in the next 15 years of their lives (given that the average life is 65-80 years). This is due to the fact that by quitting smoking, cancer risk (especially lung cancer), coronary disease, brain damage, and other chronic lung diseases like bronchitis and emphysema will also decrease. Carbon monoxide is a very harmful gas to our body. Take note also of the fact that if you are going to quit smoking now, the level of carbon monoxide in your body circulation will significantly drop to a healthier level just within 12 hours. Isn’t it cool to live longer and spend your life with your love ones or dedicate it to worthy cause?

Save more Life!

If you are going to quit smoking today, there is a better chance that you are not only saving youself but those people who are not smoking. Many studies can attest to the fact that second-hand smokers suffer worse than the real smokers. By throwing away your cigarette, you will be saving several people around you including your love ones. Children are more at risk as second-hand smokers. Don’t jeopardize the health of these children and start saving more lives.

More Fun in Bed

If you enjoy an active sex life with your partner, this aspect of your relationship may also be at risk. Smoking hinders the healthy circulation of blood in your body. Men who continue smoking as they age suffer from erectile dysfunction issues. Having fun with your partner in bed is one of the special things that you do together. Don’t deprive yourself. Another great news, a study shows that non-smokers are more sexually appealing to their prospect partners than stinky smokers!

Radiant and Younger looking Skin

If you are still a regular smoker, you might not be aware that smoking has been proven to increase rate of facial skin ageing process. This is why people who smoke have very visible wrinkles. People who don’t smoke maximize the nutrients that they get from their diet which reverses the effect of ageing.

Eat More!

Enjoy the foods you’ve missed from the time you started smoking! By kicking smoking out of your system, you revive your once strong sense of taste and smell. These senses have been dulled down by thousands of chemicals in cigarette sticks you lit.



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