Top 10 Smoking Countries

Even with the massive global campaign against smoking, smokers around the globe seem undaunted. The risks in smoking addiction have been the major topic of many academic debates and figures have recently propped the claims against smoking addiction. As the World Health Organization would say, smoking is the only preventable cause of death to men. Unfortunately, this fact has been taken for granted for many years now. Many countries, mostly the industrial nations, have been spotted as the leading consumers of cigarette. What is more surprising is the fact that smokers nowadays are getting younger than decades ago.

Here are the top 10 countries with the highest smoking rate across the globe according to the joined research produced by 24/7 Wall Street, American Cancer Society, and World Lung Foundation:

10th Place: Slovakia

Slovakia is an Eastern European country. Men Slovakians smoke more frequent than Slovakian women. Surprisingly, 26.5% of their little boys aging 13 yrs old to 15 yrs old are smoking. On the other hand, 23.4% of their little girls of the same age are smoking already. More deaths are associated to smoking. In 2004, they ranked 37th on the global standing as the country with the highest number of men’s death due to smoking.

9th Place: Turkey

In 2004, Turkey set a record as the country with the highest number of man’s death associated with tobacco use. Children are the most vulnerable because of the second hand smoke that they inhale. In fact, 89% of their children are suffering due to secondhand exposure. This can be attributed to the fact that Turkey is one of the largest producers of Tobacco in the world. In 2009, they recorded 85,000 metric tons of Tobacco production.

8th Place: Romania

Romania is another Eastern Europe country. This country is known for its lax moderation of smoking in homes. There is an estimate of 90.2% of children (ages 13 to 15) who suffer from secondhand smoke. Though they have a high excise tax on tobacco (60%), many people smuggle packs of cigarette to continue with their vice.

7th Place: Czech Republic

Czech Republic is one of the countries where people consume more or less 2,000 sticks of cigarette in an annual basis. Smokers in this country are also getting younger. Most of the teens indulge in smoking at the age of 13-15. In 2001, one of tobacco’s biggest players Philip Morris International Inc. agreed to a study that the early death of Czech’s citizens due to smoking increases the country’s financial gain.

6th Place: Hungary

30% of total deaths in men’s population in this country are due to smoking. On the other hand, 18% of women’s death is also due to smoking. What’s more surprising in this country is the fact that Hungarian women smoke more often than other men in the world.

5th Place: Bulgaria

In this country, 50% of their total adult male population smoke. On the other hand, the female smoking population is composed of more than a quarter of the total female population. They also ranked as the 2nd country with highest consumption of cigarettes (per capita).

4th Place: Russian Federation

Russia has a 60% adult male smoking population. Surprisingly, 78% of their women don’t smoke at all. Russia produces 400 billion cigarettes annually which is second to China.

3rd Place: Chile

The smoking addiction in this country is not only in the adult population. Their teenage girls aging 13-15 old comprise the 40% of smokers from that age bracket. The growing number of smokers in Chile may be due to the fact that the cost of cigarette pack in this country only causes $3.80 which is 30% less in US.

2nd Place: Papua New Guinea

More than 50% of Papua New Guinea’s male population is smoking. They start young at the age of 13-15 yrs old. The young 36% female population of Papua New Guinea also starts at the same age. 2011 has been a significant year for the fight against smoking. The government put a ban against public smoking and prohibited tobacco companies from manufacturing cigarette packs which only contains 5 sticks. This is to discourage youngster from consuming the cheaper 5-stick per pack cigarette.

1st Place: Austria

In this country, almost 50% of adult’s total population smokes. This is also the country where female smokers ranked as the highest women smoking country around the globe. The government effort has been proven futile since 2008 until today.



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