15 Things Most People Do to Quit

Some people are able to quit smoking easily while others find it very difficult to do. If you have problems trying to quit, you should start citing your reasons. Here is a list of some of the most inspiring ways that have motivated thousands of people to quit:

 1.  Consider your cancer risk.

Smokers are more likely to develop cancer than non-smokers. Cigarettes bring nothing but loads of toxins to your body. With every puff you make, you are taking all those chemicals in and allowing them to damage not just your lungs but your heart, brain, skin, liver, and all other parts of your body.

 2.  Rely on your faith.

Believing that you can quit is essential in this process. Many times, people can’t quit because they believe they can’t. But once you hold on to your faith and allow your mind and body to believe, you are actually giving yourself the motivation and strength you need to quit smoking now. That’s what you call ‘willpower’.

 3.  Read a helpful book.

You may want to read the ‘Easy Way to Quit Smoking’ or the ‘Harnessing Your Willpower to Smoke’. There are many other self-help books that will give you the information, motivation and guidance you need to successfully quit smoking today.

 4.  Think about your kids.

What if one day you wake up seeing your 5 year-old daughter imitating you with a cigarette? Doing what momma does? Our kids are the most precious gifts we ever have. You don’t want them to be ruining their health, just like what you are doing, do you?

 5.  Stop for your grandkids.

No cigarette is worth more than your children and your grandchildren. Being a grandma or grandpa is one of the best things in life, and sometimes, the feeling is greater than being a mom or a dad alone. Just as you don’t want to ruin your child’s health, you also don’t want to expose your grandchildren to the health risks of smoking.

 6.  Do it one day at a time.

Don’t expect that it will be easy to drop the habit you may have built for years. Do it one day at a time. Slowly cut down on your cigarettes to lower down your nicotine craving, until you crave for it no more. This strategy works for many people!

 7.  Change the way you look at things.

You are too precious and valuable to be poisoning yourself with cigarettes. Your body is a gift from God. It is something you must treasure every single minute. If you smoke, it means you don’t care enough for your body.

 8.  Keep yourself busy.

If you are bored, you are more likely to think of lighting up. But if you engage yourself with different activities, even during your days-off, you can actually forget about cigarettes!

 9.  Seek out support.

Quitting can be hard especially during the first few days. But it’s going to be a lot easier if you have supportive people around you. If you can’t find one from your family and friends, join a peer support program.

 10.  Get medical help.

If you are having withdrawal symptoms, it can be helpful to utilize some smoking cessation tools, such as medications. There are prescription meds that are proven to help you quit smoking.

 11. Have some candies.

Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, chew some gum or candy. It really works!

 12.  Scare yourself.

Read about the harmful effects of smoking. Learn about the people who died in vain due to tobacco use.

 13.  De-stress.

When you are stressed, you are more likely to smoke. So engage in relaxing activities such as yoga, hypnosis, and meditation. They keep your mind and body calm. They promote overall wellness too!

 14.  Exercise.

Physical workout does not only de-stress you, it also helps your body recover from the damaging effects of smoking. Exercising also helps reduce cigarette craving.

 15.  Eat healthy.

Studies found that people who regularly eat fruits and vegetables find the taste of cigarette awful.

What other quit smoking tips can you suggest? Share your comment below.



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