Top 5 Reasons why Smoking Makes You Feel Tired

If you are a smoker for quite some time, you know how it feels to smoke and feel sloppily weak after. This can be explained easily by science. If you are planning to quit smoking now, you have to read these facts and understand how smoking make you feel weak and tired.

Reason No. 1 Cumulative Effect

Smoking will not kill you instantaneously but you will surely die due to its cumulative effect. This school of thought states that your body gets weaker and tired as you continuously smoke. As a result, every part of your body weakens and you get tired easily.

Reason No. 2 Nicotine

It has been established by modern science that nicotine is the addictive substance that makes it harder for you to quit. According to the findings of National Institute on Drugs Abuse, nicotine makes your heart pump and work faster. It also triggers the production of adrenaline. Since adrenaline exaggerates the activity of our body, the moment the effect of nicotine wanes, your body gets weaker as well.

Reason No. 3. The Chemicals in a Cigarette

Science has proven the presence of 4000 chemicals in a cigarette stick. Imagine those chemicals circulating inside your body with nowhere to go but to your main organs. These chemicals somehow stay there and accumulate as time goes by therefore weakening the general abilities of organs to function.

Reason No. 4 Weakening of Lungs due to COPD

COPD means chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is a very common disease to smokers throughout the globe. If you have this disease as a smoker, you will surely feel tired most of the time. This also cause restrictions of physical activities.

Reason No. 5 Weakening of the Heart and Muscles

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has clearly stated that smoking is a primary heart disease causing vice. Since it smoking stimulates adrenaline production, the heart can get easily worn out by rapid action. A study conducted by Indian Journal of Experimental Biology shows that athletes who are smoking have weaker muscle strength. Smoking has also affected their flexibility compared to those athletes who haven’t smoked in a lifetime.

These findings are the major reason why you feel weaker when you smoke. If you are planning to smoke again, think twice and consider your future. There are many know ways and methods to combat smoking addiction. If you want to live more, you can do research, plan your rehabilitation program, and quit smoking today. There’s a lot of things in life to enjoy!



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