Smoking Cessation: 10 Tips for Beginners

Quitting smoking is one of the lifestyle challenges that many people undergo nowadays. As technology, medicine, and science unravel the harm and detriments of smoking, more and more smokers walk astray from their addiction. For those people who are working on their smoking cessation journey, here are ten tips, which can make the journey more bearable.

#Tip No. 1 Make a Mature Decision

There is nothing more important than making your full commitment to your decision. This is not a simple “Yeah, I’m going to quit today. I promise.” This involves a series of introspection to fully integrate to your mind your reasons of quitting smoking today. Make a list of your reason and meditate on it everyday just to give yourself a daily affirmation of the positive change that you are making in your life.

#Tip No.2 Let people know that You Want to Quit Smoking Now

If you are a social smoker, letting people know that you are quitting will help you to communicate that you don’t want to be tempted to smoke. People nowadays are more open to individuals who are making their move to quit. If you explain yourself, they wouldn’t bother offering you a stick of a cigarette.

#Tip No.3 Plan Your Path

You will need to do some planning in order to pass the ordeal. Doing some research is a very important aspect of planning. Smoking addiction has many facets that include your psychological trigger, nicotine addiction, habits, current lifestyle, and diet. Having a holistic approach in quitting smoking will do a lot of help.

#Tip No. 4 Have a Support System

It is important that you have your own source of encouragement. It can be a pool of people who understands what you are going through; a hobby that can allay the withdrawal syndrome; or love ones who can cheer you up when you are feeling down about your progress. Nowadays, there are a lot of organizations to help you out in this endeavor.

#Tip No. 5 Don’t rush things

It might seem that you are not making any progress as days go by but never be discouraged by this condescending thought. Perseverance is more important than the progress that you make in a day. Believe it or not, there are milestones that you reach in every time you win in keeping yourself away from a cigarette.

#Tip No. 6 Stay away from your Triggers

Often times, people who want to quit fail because they turn a blind eye in things that trigger their smoke addiction. Know your enemies (trigger) and you will surely win the battle.

#Tip No. 7 Go out and Sweat

There is no better way to complement your smoking crusade than letting your body sweat and exercise. Aside from the fact that it helps your body to excrete the dangerous accumulated chemicals in your body, it also accelerates the recuperation period of your whole being.

#Tip No. 8 Diet

Watch what you eat. Vegetables and fruits are haven for those people who would want to succeed in quitting smoking. In the first few days, your body would need more sugar. This is because of the nicotine dependency that your system built.

#Tip No. 9 Know Your Options

With the massive development that we have nowadays, there are many powerful ways and technique to manage your smoking addiction. You can try many things from acupuncture, therapies, medication, and other modern science wonder.

#Tip No. 10 Love yourself

There is no better motivation than loving yourself. Loving yourself means you deserve a better life than what you have right now.

Make up your mind, make your move, and quit smoking today.

What were the biggest challenges you had to deal with when you tried to quit? Share your story by posting a comment below.



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