Top 8 Dietary Tips to Quit Smoking

Living a healthy lifestyle is always a big factor in keeping yourself out of vices or any type of addiction. Even if you have just quit smoking, leading a healthy living will help maintain your course away from smoking.

The top one of all these is regulating and eventually eliminating alcohol drinking. Many report that it is inevitable not to smoke when you have high levels of alcohol in the body or when drinking. Some claim that the booze and nicotine are a perfect combination and simply cannot drink without smoking. So if you are this kind of person, start with lowering and eventually eradicating alcohol intake when you have decided to quit smoking.

The second top food-group to regulate is those that are laden with artificial sweetening. For some it is alcohol but for a bigger part of the whole it is sweets. To some, this different twist of sweet to the tongue draws more craving.

The third top food group to avoid and put to the minimum intakes, are the fatty foods. It takes more calories to burn and digest these type of food so the body releases more digestion juices including saliva and again mistaken for or attributed as cigarette craving.

The forth is the regulation of your eating habits. According to some studies, hunger is most often times mistaken for the craving to smoke. Most heavy smokers are undernourished as deduced by some other studies and from these same studies, 90% of smokers in 3rd world countries are under privileged, and claim that they smoke to alleviate hunger. Therefore the so called craving to smoke is diverted to proper and constant meals and their proper intervals. The eating schedule also will triggers proper and constant sleeping pattern thus further lowering the stress level experienced both physically and psychologically.

Fourth dietary tip to aid quitting smoking is a regular dose of fresh fruits and vegetables. These do not only provide the body natural nutrients. Fresh and enough fruits and vegetables regulate digestion thus minimizing excess gastric juices.

The fifth dietary tip is if you are already in a certain medical condition, slow withdrawal from smoking and slow balancing of your diet is needed least they will lead to the feeling of deprivation which further leads to relapse. Eat small amount of food including fruits and vegetables at fixed closer intervals say like every two hours.

The sixth is to begin with aromatic veggies like raw celery or some tea to help entice your sense of smell and regain appetite for healthy food.

The seventh is to nibble on some healthy food like bits of cheese, apples, carrots, or pepper sticks whenever feeling the urge for some mouth or tongue activity instead of what it got used to when smoking.

The last but not the least is to eat properly and contentedly. Rushing your eating is as damaging as delaying it. The volume do not matter rather the satisfaction felt while and after eating lowers chances of more craving. Some claim that they seal their meal with a cigarette least they will crave for more food. Eating comfortably at a normal pace can be a relaxation activity to calm the body and allow it to digest food properly.



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