5 Ways to Spot a Smoking Teen

They say that the hardest habits or vice to quit formed and started when the person was young. True enough that the longer a routine is in your system, the harder it would be to eradicate or forget it since it will come out instinctively as time goes on. With these, if we wanted to ensure that there would be lesser people smoking is to help stop them from even trying or further developing the habit early on while they are young especially when they are in the most grueling stage of adolescence.

Here are 5 ways to spot a smoking teen:

The first one is the discoloration of the teeth and yellow stain on the fingers and nails. Smoking leaves behind yellow tar on the teeth making them lose their shinny white color. This goes the same way on the fingers of the teen. Why so? New smokers would tend to secure the cigarette more intensely and probably nervously than those matured or long time smokers. The yellowing of the nails is a bit harder to prove since they can always put on some nail polish of various colors especially for the girls.

The next indicator would be the breath. Smoking leaves a distinctive smell even after brushing the teeth. This is especially detectable by those people who never smoke and that which is highly indistinct to smokers themselves. There is always the unique stink that cigarette smoke leaves on the mouth linings despite gargling with a mouthwash. Now even if the teen is not talking one would be able to smell traces of smoking stink from the air he or she breaths out.

Then here is an obvious sign to spot a smoking teenager – the clothes stink. Definitely, the smell of cigarette smoke will absorb in the clothing. True enough that the teenager could simply be exposed to smokers around but if he or she only caught the smell around in an open area with one or two smokers, the smell would be not as strong to be very distinct. It would also be helpful to parents if they take notice what clothes their teens left home and on what they are on when they come home. There are a lot of activities teens get involved with at school that involves perspiring a lot but there are also those that they are simply hiding from you.

Just like the nails, smell of nicotine in the hair could also be an indicator. It pays for parents to continually giving their teens the hugs and kisses they used to shower them as kids. There are many hormonal changes in your teens’ bodies however nicotine is not part of them so its presence would definitely stink. It will not be awkward if parents would be kissing their teens at the temple area or at the crown –this is always the best excuse to get a good sniff of their heads and isolate the stink of nicotine.

Then finally, it may be an indicator of smoking when your teen suddenly lost much of his or her usual bubbly energy. And even if they are not smoking, this is always an indicator of personal issues that you may not want to brush off your shoulders only to regret later on.



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