Top 5 Best Apps for Quitting Smoking

Addiction, like smoking, originates from a repetition of certain activity that turned into a habit. Individuals may not have noticed it but forming the addiction or vice took a lot of stress before they got into their system. They were under pressure that the activity they decided to take on appeared to be a quick or temporary relief, thus, getting hooked to the perceived solution. Now if the individual has to reverse the process, the resolution will have to be given in smaller but repetitive and constant doses. Expect a terrible duress again in the withdrawal procedure be it personally or externally induced help.

There are a whole lot of wonderful ways that one can adopt when quitting smoking, the affected but interested individual will have to choose which method is applicable and most appealing to them both physically and psychologically. If say jogging daily is possible, appealing and amicable to the person then he or she should take it. If you were hooked to get relief, then the reverse process must also relieve the very stress needing resolution. It is like you started smoking because you are getting very sleepy at work and smoking posed the possibility of keeping you awake, and now that you are quitting smoking you decided to jog to keep your blood pumping freely throughout the day.

In the fast pacing world today, it is very fortunate that there are a whole library and discussion that can be self-help guides so people can decide which best suit their needs. Now that the mobile device race is still up – many applications offer help when you begin the quest to quit smoking. Yes that is right, you will now find a computer program for your PC tablet or mobile device that will help you and accompany you for quitting smoking. Here are the top 5 best apps for quitting smoking: QuitNow, QuitSM, Quit Smoking, Get Rich or Die Smoking, and Stop Smoking.

QuitNow, QuitSM, Quit Smoking, and Stop Smoking gives you real time status at any time to assist you in coping with the anxiety of quitting brings. They offer you tracking of the time –namely the days, hours, and minutes since the last cigarette you lit in your life. They track how many times you tried and succeeded to avoid and resisted smoking. The time and money you have saved by not smoking and all these mile stones and tracking are fully readily available for sharing on social media sites like Facebook and twitter. They are similar with differences on the interface, icons, some navigation and definitely speed and size on your device.

Get Rich or Die Smoking has all the qualities and amenities like the rest as well, however there is bigger emphasis on the monetary net worth of the quitter which is giving you the current things you now can buy because you quit smoking.



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