10 Reasons Why You Have to Smoke

So, you think life is miserable with all the sufferings that you get from life. This means you’d rather go out with friends, order liters of beer, and burn your lungs by smoking. You would laugh with senseless jokes using your deteriorating brain and do home at 3 am in the morning then wake up at 8am for work. If this is the kind of life that you want, I bet you’d agree with these reasons why you have to smoke.

Reason No. 1 Your innately weak.

Studies show that the weaker person is, the greater the chance of nicotine dependence and smoking addiction. Smoking seems to work as their temporary repose from difficult events in their life. However, there are significant findings that this thinking also leads to inability of a person to independently deal with problems without succumbing to their stress.

Reason No. 2 You love being stressed.

A study in University of Cincinnati shows that people who smoke develop anxiety problem, depression, and other mental health vulnerabilities.

Reason No.3 You’re a couch potato

One of the most identified trigger of smoking is boredom. There are many people who admit that they smoke especially if they are bored and need to do something to endure the silence of a day.

Reason No. 4 You just hate thinking and using your Brain

If you love your brain, you wouldn’t let it deteriorate because of smoking. Smoking causes a lot of neuron deaths and brain inflammation. If you hate thinking and using brain, then you must really love smoking.

Reason No. 5 You’re not really cool

People most of the time start smoking because they hope for acceptance of the society. They project “coolness” by smoking. They feel that they have the “swag” if they smoke. Well, if you’re really cool you wouldn’t smoke and care more about your body and health than what other people would think about you.

Reason No. 6 You don’t have any plan for your life

Many studies show show the higher risk of early death to people who smoke. If you don’t have any plan for your life, you can choose to spend the rest of your days smoking recklessly.

Reason No. 7 You don’t have any love life

Smoking has many destructive effects to your general appearance. This can make your skin look dark and pale. You can also expect foul odor coming out of your mouth and skin. Don’t forget the tartar and halitosis which will surely turn off a person even from a distance.

Reason No. 8 You never wanna get laid

If you are an inexperienced virgin who love smoking, expect for the rest of your life that you will never get laid. Aside from the fact that you have that stinking bodily odor, you can also expect that you have an underperforming sexual organ. Smoking can cause impotence.

Reason No. 9 You’re a natural introvert.

If you are an introvert, you can hope that you would stay that way forever because of the fact that smoking can limit your social interaction. More and more people are being aware of the effects of secondhand smoking that’s why many places around the world ban smoking in their establishments. If you want to be ostracize forever, continue smoking.

Reason No 10 You never want to be rich!

If you are spending $5 dollars for a pack in a day, you can save almost $2000 dollars in a year. However, that’s not going to make you rich. My real point is, since smoking pushes your body to underperform,  you can never reach the full potential of your abilities as a human being.

Are these the same to the reasons why you smoke? Well, Will you still smoke?



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