5 Ways in which Chantix Could Help You Quit

WhatTheyDont_Flat_500 Chantix is a non-nicotine pill which blocks nicotine from reaching your brain as it targets nicotine receptors in the brain. People start taking the pill a week or two before quitting smoking, depending on their doctor’s prescription. This is a safe remedy to nicotine cravings. Go consult your doctor first before taking Chantix especially if you are taking other medications since just like other drugs, the effects may interfere with one another when taken at the same time. Listed are how Chantix could help you quit smoking now:

1. Your mood will improve as you battle with smoking withdrawal symptoms when you take Chantix.

As you quit smoking, withdrawal symptoms may arise and cause mood swings. Studies suggest that Chantix reduces withdrawal symptoms (headaches, dizziness, depression, anxiety, nausea etc). Since these withdrawal symptoms will definitely affect your moods due to the fact that you will have low levels of nicotine to stimulate the nicotine receptors of the brain, it is good to take Chantix as you abstain from smoking to lessen stress and your urge to smoke.

2. Chantix and your cravings

West et Al studied on the effectiveness of Chantix in lessening the craving for smoke. Even those people who did not quit smoking completely showed a relatively less urge to smoke after taking Chantix. When you take Chantix, it blocks the receptors in the brain which produces the feeling of pleasure when smoking, thus reducing the craving for it and helping smokers completely quit smoking as the medication is taken.

3. Your chances to successfully quit smoking increases with the use of Chantix

Since the drug has a very promising effect to the brain receptors that reacts with pleasure with cigarette smoking is blocked by Chantix, you will less likely to want to smoke when these brain receptors are blocked. Thus, increases your chances of successfully quitting rapidly. The least effect you will have is less urge to smoke, which is still a good effect.

4.  Your body will not want to smoke anymore, even how cigarettes smell after taking Chantix

Reports state that smokers who tried using Chantix made it easy for them to quit smoking, as it blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain, which does not make them feel pleasurable when smoking, and will not have any cravings even after experiencing second hand smoke. Other Chantix users have even reported that they do not want to smell cigarette smoke anymore as it makes them feel nauseated.

5.  Withdrawal symptoms is less with Chantix

Withdrawal symptoms will arise at first, which is normal. But as Chantix helps your body to not crave and feel pleasure is smoking, the withdrawal symptoms will depreciate as you continue the medication. Chantix helps your body adjust to a new feel of not longing for cigarettes anymore and as your journey to quitting smoking continues, your withdrawal symptoms will also be lessened and become more tolerable.



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