Is Your Wife a Smoker? 5 Ways to Help Her

If your wife suddenly started smoking, you have many reasons to feel concerned. First of all, smoking can greatly put your wife’s health at risk of various diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Next, it can affect her mental health. Tobacco use has been known to produce negative changes in the brain which leads to the reduction of the white matter. Smoking can also affect her physical appearance, energy levels, and her overall sense of well-being.

Forcing your wife to quit smoking now is not the best thing to do. There are plenty of ways to encourage her to willingly quit for good. Below are the best strategies that you may try:

  1. Tell your wife how her habit affects your relationship. You need to make your wife feel that you value your relationship so much that you don’t want it being affected with even the smallest nuisances such as the smoke you get to inhale, the awful smell of tobacco on her clothes, and the blemishes that have developed on her skin due to persistent smoking. Express your concerns in a kind way. Don’t try starting up a fight. Again, it isn’t helpful.
  2. Barter for the better. Offer to make a major health change in yourself in exchange of your wife’s commitment to stop smoking today. For instance, commit to lose 10 pounds or stop eating processed foods as long as she agrees to quit. Quitting smoking can be a difficult process. Doing this will make your wife feel that somebody understands what she is going through.
  3. Determine her reasons for smoking. To effectively help her quit smoking, you need to know the reasons why your wife smokes in the first place. Ask her gently. Once you figured out her real reasons, you can easily find healthier alternatives for her smoking. For instance, if she smokes to maintain her weight, encourage her to exercise and join her during her workout sessions.
  4. Find ways to prevent her from smoking. Take your wife to a restaurant where smoking is not allowed. Take her to the movies. Let her do some enjoyable activities that will keep her mind and body busy so she would forget to smoke. Suggest dinners, sports activities, hikes and other activities that will keep your relationship smoke-free.
  5. Give her a reward for not smoking. Offer to buy her something if she stops smoking today. Maybe you can buy her a new pair of beautiful clothes, the jewelry she wants, or a new gadget. You may also take her to a weekend getaway as a reward for her efforts to quit smoking.

The most important tip is this: NEVER GIVE UP. Smoking is an addictive habit. This means that even if your wife wants to quit, she may have a hard time doing it at her first try. Don’t get tired helping your wife to quit smoking for good. With your help and support, she can definitely do it!



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