8 Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

If quitting is easy, then smokers wouldn’t still be lighting a cigarette. Quitting smoking is tough. While there are different types of smoking cessation products in the market – from nicotine gums to pills, there are also natural ways to quit smoking now.

1.  From Tasty to Lousy

Studies have long revealed that there are foods that actually make cigarettes taste good and there are others that make it taste lousy. Red meat and coffee encourages one to smoke, while vegetables, fruits, milk and juice are not very appealing to smokers. Loading your diet with fruits, vegetables, and milk makes it easier for you to quit smoking.

2.  Sweat, Sweat, and Sweat

Your pair of running shoes will be your best buddies when trying to quit smoking. Spending a few minutes jogging in the morning helps lessen your craving to light your first cigarette. Also, working out in the gym helps improve your mood and metabolism.

3.  The More the Better

Numbers increase your chance of quitting. Find a group that can help you quit smoking. Your support group can either be your family, friends, or your fellow smokers who want to quit smoking. Joining a quit smoking program can help increase your chance of quitting.

4.  Find Discouragement

Some studies show that photos of rotten teeth, cancerous lesions on smoker’s lips, and diseased lungs can help discourage smokers. You may want to place some of these photos in your car or in places where you frequently smoke to remind you of the harmful effects of smoking.

5.  Technology Helps

You can find several quit smoking applications in the internet and some are for free. These applications can help you track your progress and record each of your achievements and link them to your social media accounts that update your family and friends.

6.   Hypnosis is A Yes

Is it possible to hypnotize away your smoking habit? Well, some were successful. Hypnosis can help you quit smoke but it still depends on your willingness and the expertise of the practitioner.

7.   Through the Needles

Acupuncture is an ancient practice in Chinese medicine that uses needles to relieve stress points in the body. Today, acupuncture is among the smoking cessation alternatives that is gaining popularity. There are individuals who succeeded in their smoking cessation programs with the help of acupuncture.  Acupuncture in the first days of the smoking cessation program increases your chance of success to 30 percent.

8.   Self-Massage will be Great

You don’t have to spend hours in spa just to have a full-body massage. A two-minute self-massage will do. When you are tempted to light a cigarette, a light massage to your hand and ears can help lessen the cravings you feel. Also, doing the massage everyday for one month can greatly your chance of quitting smoking.

Quitting is never easy, but you can lessen the effects of smoking cessation. With the right mind setting, willingness, and support group you can certainly overcome the symptoms of quitting smoking the natural way. While there are smoking cessation products in the market, it cannot be denied that some of these products may have side effects. Finding a better way to quit smoking now without compromising  your health further might be a better decision.



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