7 Common Smoking Triggers in Men

Nearly 35 million people try to quit smoking each year. Unfortunately, 85 percent are bound to fail. Smoking is indeed one of the most addictive habits that despite the growing awareness about its health consequences, more and more people get hooked to it, especially men.

Below is the list of the top 10 smoking triggers for men. Avoiding them can improve your chance of quitting smoking for good and reduce your risk of relapse.

Major Stress

A lot of men cling to smoking to ease stress. Although the long-term effects of smoking involve an elevated cortisol level, most people think that smoking can help them deal with stress. It’s because the chemicals in tobacco produce a sudden surge in the brain’s dopamine system – the part involved in feelings of pleasure. This feeling doesn’t last long however, which marks the onset of nicotine addiction. Major stress, such as losing a loved one, getting fired from a job, an issue with health, or a recent breakup can trigger a person to smoke.

 Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol use is among the major triggers of smoking in men. Studies show that people perceive smoking to be more pleasurable together with alcohol. For some men, parties are incomplete with cigarettes and beers.


Problems and transitions in relationships can often cause severe stress in men, which then triggers them to smoke. Men who go through persistent emotional conflicts with their partners, problems at home or at work, and failed social relationships often find refuge in smoking.


During moments of boredom, a lot of men try to seek entertainment through smoking. But there are healthier ways to beat boredom. These include exercising, trying a new sport, engaging in recreational activities, reading a book, or watching TV.


While being full often triggers men to smoke, there are certain foods that significantly increase one’s cravings for cigarettes. They are the sweet, salty and oily foods like crisps, processed meats, deep-fried foods, and fast foods.

Social situations

Being with smoking friends often trigger men to smoke. Generally, men are too shy to decline an offer, especially when it comes from a good friend or a lady. Being offered with a cigarette during social situations can hook a man into smoking.


Sex is another smoking trigger for some men. Many men are into the habit of lighting up after sexual intercourse. While it sounds ‘so cool’, the dark side is that smoking is linked to a host of fertility problems, including impotence.



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