Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey? 3 Rules to Follow

Going cold turkey may not be the best method to quit smoking but thousands of people have successfully quit using it. The thing about quitting smoking cold turkey is that it doesn’t require you to take any medication or undergo any treatment. But, strong mind setting is necessary to increase your success rate if you prefer this quit smoking strategy.

Here are the three important rules to follow when quitting cold turkey:

 1.  Know what you are going into.

Quitting cold turkey is a process by which you completely let go of smoking without the help of any drug or smoking cessation treatment. Studies suggest that only around 3 to 10 percent of smokers are able to quit using this method. But if you want to quit because you have a serious health problem, quitting cold turkey may be a great option for you. You can also stop smoking now and go through a very short period of agony. While it can be devastating at first, especially if you have symptoms of withdrawal, you will be able to overcome your smoking addiction more quickly than when using medications or nicotine replacement therapy.

 2.   Make a game plan.

To lift your chance of success, you want to make a concrete game plan of how you are going to deal with the challenges that might come your way and be able to stay committed to it. First of all, you must be pretty sure about your decision. If you ‘feel’ like quitting, don’t go cold turkey – you will just be making things difficult. You’ve got to have a strong commitment and desire to eliminate cigarettes from your life. When going cold turkey to quit smoking today, it is advisable to choose a time of the week or month when you are most stress-free. Mental and emotional hurdles can hinder you from quitting smoking altogether. When making a game plan, be sure to pinpoint your smoking triggers and find a solution for them. Also, remember that the first few days will be the hardest because you will be experiencing intense craving coupled with the withdrawal symptoms. But they will pass, definitely. Lastly, have an alternative plan. If you are very determined to quit, you need to have plan B if your plan A doesn’t work, and plan C, D, and so on. This means that if quitting smoking cold turkey doesn’t work for you, choose another strategy.

 3.  Learn how to manage stress.

Quitting cold turkey is perhaps the most stressful smoking cessation strategies so far. It’s because you have nothing to depend on except for your own willpower. There’s no magic pill that will ease your cravings away and relieve the headache, anxiety and other withdrawal symptoms you may experience. But going cold turkey can be easier if you know how to manage stress because it’s going to be your number one enemy! Well, there are different ways to manage stress, such as practicing yoga and meditation, and mindful breathing techniques, getting enough rest and sleep, observing a healthy diet, and staying active.

If you keep in mind these rules, you can quit smoking for good by going cold turkey! Good luck!



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