6 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

Making small, realistic changes in your lifestyle is a great strategy to quit smoking today. Whether you’re undergoing treatment or not, the following tips and tricks are going to help you combat nicotine craving and all other unwanted symptoms associated with smoking cessation.

Be optimistic.

You are being positive when even though you find it difficult, you are hopeful that you can ultimately get rid of smoking. You may have tried several times before and you fail. But you just don’t stop because you know you’re going to hit your target the next time. Optimism is a significant factor that affects your likelihood to quit smoking. If you really want to give up smoking, you better start developing a positive mind if you are the negative type of person.

Be friends with positive, non-smoking people.

It’s time that you expand your social network and meet new friends. Be careful however on the people you deal with. Your goal is to surround yourself with positive people. Those who will encourage, motivate, and inspire you to live a healthy life. According to studies, positivity is contagious. If you are the pessimistic type, find friends who are optimistic. Over time, you will see how you were able to adopt their attitude!

Change your diet.

American researchers found that certain foods, such as meat, make cigarettes more satisfying. On the other hand, fruits, vegetables and cheese make it less pleasurable. To reduce your nicotine craving, swap your burger and fries with a large bowl of Mediterranean salad or a veggie pizza.

 Apply the 10-minute rule.

Having an urge to smoke? Before you light that cigarette, wait for 10 minutes. Studies show that it only takes 10 minutes for cigarette craving to last. After that, it goes down completely. If you’re used to lighting up every after meal, make it a habit to delay the act of smoking. As time goes by, your desire to smoke get smaller and smaller.

Plan it out.

Planning is critical to quitting smoking. You have to prepare for it too, just as you prepare for any other transition in life. Set a quit date, seek professional advice from a smoking cessation specialist, create a timeline of your entire experience, recognize your smoking triggers, and set a deadline or the date when you will not smoke anymore. A goal is easy to achieve when you have a clear plan of what to do.

Be reminded of your reasons to quit.

The reasons you have in mind for quitting smoking will serve as your stepping stone to reach your goal. Whenever you feel like giving up, just think of the reasons why you are doing this in the first place. Is it for your family? For your children? For yourself? For the people who love you? Keep reminding yourself of these reasons. They are going to give you the strength to carry on. Remember, quitting smoking is a battle worth fighting for.



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