How do I Stop Smoking through Hypnosis? 5 Important Reminders

If you’re looking for natural ways to quit smoking, you may have probably come across the term “hypnosis”. How does it work? Is it effective? What are the risks of using hypnosis? Let’s find out.

Hypnosis as Quit Smoking Method

Being hypnotized means being put under a state of trance. The purpose of the therapy is to heighten your awareness and visualize your goals as if they are happening at the moment. In clinical practice, hypnosis is used to treat various behavioral and mental problems such as addiction, phobia, pain, and speech problems. The process involved in hypnosis appears like a mystery. But it’s not. Even though you are under a trance, you are not unconscious. As a matter of fact, you are under heightened awareness. Some people claim that when you are hypnotized, you get to relax and concentrate more. As a result, you become more open to suggestions and follow them, such as quitting smoking.

In a typical hypnosis session, the client is often asked to imagine the unpleasant effects of smoking. For example, the therapist will ask the client to imagine the smell of cigarette smoke as a toxic fume that is so suffocating. Hypnosis focuses on three main ideas: smoking is toxic, you should respect and take care of your body, and you need your body to live.

How do you stop smoking through hypnosis? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a reputable therapist. Ask your healthcare provider to recommend a professional hypnotherapist. When done incorrectly, hypnosis may not work for you. Worse, it can leave you smoking more.
  2. Verify the qualifications of the therapist. Check if they have certifications and credentials that will prove their reliability. Go for an experienced therapist. He or she should be well-trained, licensed and has experience in hypnosis for quitting smoking.
  3. Remember, hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone. According to the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute, there are not enough scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of hypnosis to help smokers quit.
  4. Don’t use self-hypnosis unless you are pretty sure of what you are doing. If you’re new to this therapy, seek professional guidance.
  5. Ask the therapist how many sessions you need to undergo to finally see the result you want. Most probably, you will be given quit smoking CDs or self-help books so you can continue to reinforce the suggestions without having to see your therapist regularly.

The good thing about hypnosis is that it helps you deal with the psychological and emotional aspects of giving up smoking. It helps you strengthen your determination and willpower to eliminate cigarettes from your life. With the guidance of a professional practitioner, you can greatly benefit from this therapy.



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