How can I Quit Smoking without Medications? 10 Practical Tips

Taking medications is a great way to quit smoking now. There are pharmaceutical drugs designed to block the nicotine receptors in your brain so smoking becomes less and less pleasurable for you. But if you’re not comfortable taking medications probably due to their side effects, or your doctor advised you not to take them because of your health condition, there are other ways to quit smoking. Here are 10 practical tips for you:

Stop having just “one”.

You might be tempted to light “just one” cigarette to satisfy your cigarette craving but don’t be fooled by it. One more tobacco can lead to many more. This will get you caught back into the habit.

Work out. Exercise is scientifically proven to reduce cigarette cravings. Research shows that just 30 minutes of physical activity can take away your urge to light up. If you can’t go out from home or from your office, try doing squats, running in place, push-ups and other moderate exercises that don’t require a large space.

Relax. Because you can’t rely on anything to suppress your cigarette craving, expect to experience mood swings, anxiety and irritability. This is why it is also important to learn some relaxation techniques. Overcome stress by breathing in and out gently and consciously. Pamper yourself by going to the salon and spa, attend a yoga class, and try aromatherapy.

Go online. You can get inspired with so many people who have successfully quit smoking by just going online. There are numerous quit smoking sites that provide free information, help and support to those who are looking to quit smoking.

Remember the reasons why you quit. Quitting smoking is possible if you are guided by your willpower. Always remember the reasons why you decided to quit in the first place. Whether it’s for your health, your children, or your finances.

Find a therapist. There are smoking cessation programs that do not involve taking medications. These include counseling or psychotherapy. Here, you will be guided by a professional therapist who will provide you with the support you need to overcome your smoking urge. He or she will guide you in the whole process.

Avoid your smoking triggers. Attending social gatherings wherein smoking is allowed, going to the bars or clubs, and being with your smoking buddies are strong smoking triggers.

Keep yourself busy. You really don’t want the thought of smoking to be bugging you all the time. So as much as possible, you want to keep yourself occupied. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, try doing something fun – cook, watch a movie, chat with friends, etc. According to studies, cravings last for up to 10 minutes only. So definitely, you can get through the urge to smoke!

Chew. Give your mouth something to get busy with. Chew a gum! Chew on hard candy or sugarless gum, nibble on carrots, or much some nuts.

Start all over again. Relapse is normal during the smoking cessation process. But you can definitely succeed. If you slip, don’t worry. Try harder. Assess your quit smoking efforts – what went wrong, what you should have done, and what you should retain.


Quitting smoking without medication is possible if you follow these ten simple tips!



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