How to Remove Cigarette Stains on Your Lips and Gums: 7 Steps

You have not been smoking for some time now. Your smell is improving and your skin is getting healthier. But you’re still problematic about one thing – the stain in your lips and gums. Having dark lips is really a big ‘turnoff’ for many people. Fortunately, it is possible to remove cigarette stain in your lips and gums. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Understand that stain is caused by nicotine. The moment you light a cigarette, an oil substance from nicotine goes out and leaves a yellowish stain on your teeth and makes your lips and gums appear darker. So if you don’t want to stain your lips further, make sure to quit smoking now, today and forever!
  2. Hydrate. Your goal is to eliminate nicotine from your body. One inexpensive and natural way to do this is to stay hydrated. Drink lots of purified water. Water flushes away the nicotine from your system, together with all other toxins and harmful compounds that you’ve taken when you were still smoking. How much water is needed? Experts recommend drinking as many ounces of water as you weigh in pounds.
  3. Pop in vitamins. Taking vitamins and food supplements can help your body easily recover from the negative effects of smoking. Find a good brand of multivitamin, particularly the one which has high levels of vitamin E and C because these are very important in promoting skin health, promoting tissue turnover in the gums and lips, and eliminating nicotine stain.
  4. Rub lemon your lips twice a day. The acid from the lemon extract will break down the nicotine in your lips and remove the stain.
  5. Brush regularly. Stain in gums may also be caused by the ability of nicotine to constrict blood vessels in your mouth, resulting to reduced blood flow. Flossing and brushing your gums and teeth works like a massage that stimulates blood flow. Proper blood flow promotes growth of new tissues that will get rid of the stain and counter the effects of nicotine.
  6. Apply strawberry paste on your lips. Another thing you can add to your beauty regimen every night is strawberry. Crush one small piece of strawberry and apply it on your lips for two minutes and rinse it. Studies have shown that strawberries can lighten skin. Thus, reducing the ugly appearance of stain on your lips.
  7. Apply moisturizer. Dry lips are more likely to be stained by nicotine. Applying moisturizer as often as needed will reduce the appearance of dark lips and at the same time, promote the removal of stain.

Lastly, don’t try smoking again. Or else, all your effort to eliminate the stain will be wasted! Quit smoking now and bring back your natural beauty.



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