5 Ways on How You Can Quit Smoking by Playing Your Favorite Sport

Many studies can attest to this – regular physical activity is one of the best smoking cessation aids. Playing sport can actually help you counter cigarette craving and reduce your unhealthy smoking habits. Not only that. It also helps your body recuperate from the damage brought by smoking.

So how does playing sport help you quit?

 1.   It diverts your attention.

Whether it’s basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, or whatever sport you’re into, it is certainly going to help you eliminate cigarettes from your life. Playing sport diverts your attention. The coach, the heat of the moment, the spectators, audience, and many other factors will simply not allow you to smoke, even if you bring with you a pack of cigarette.

 2.  It relieves stress.

Sport is a fun way to exercise. Research has shown that exercising stimulates the brain to release the feel-good hormones that elevate mood and give you the same kind of pleasure you get from smoking. If this is your first time to play a sport, you may experience extreme tiredness, muscle soreness and energy drain but over time, you will see how it can greatly improve your emotional and mental health.

 3.  It depletes your energy to smoke.

After a strenuous workout, the least thing you want to do is to light a cigarette. As mentioned, sport activities can super drain your batteries and discourage you from smoking. Cigarette smoking is basically not an attractive option to end an exhausting workout or sport activity.

 4.  You’ll find smoking not useful.

Getting into sports is really addictive. But smoking ruins your performance because it directly impacts your health – disrupting blood flow that causes breathing problems, making you feel more tired than ever, lowering your speed and agility, and destroying your overall performance. Thus, over time, you will realize that smoking is not really good for sports and you will, with open heart, give it up!

 5.  It stops nicotine craving.

Another great thing about engaging in sports while trying to quit smoking is that engaging in physical activity has been scientifically proven to reduce cigarette craving. A growing body of research suggests that exercise may serve as a distraction and may help improve the mood of the smoker.

Lastly, engaging in sports activities will improve your health and help your system recover from the serious effects of cigarettes. It will certainly revive your lung function, restore your blood flow, counter the inflammatory effects of cigarette smoking, and boost your brain health. Physical activities can also save your heart from the damage brought by smoking.



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