5 Things You Should Know about Prescription Quit Smoking Aids

Sometimes, quitting nicotine addiction is only possible with the help of prescription drugs. There are medications that are specifically formulated to fight nicotine cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms. If you’re looking to quit smoking today through prescription quit smoking aids, read this article before you go ahead. There are several important things you should know in order to find the medication that is effective and suitable for you.

1.  Prescription drugs are another tool to stop nicotine addiction.

You’ll find many prescription medications for stopping smoking. However, they work in different ways to get the same effect. For instance, Chantix works by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain so that the smoker finds smoking less and less pleasurable. As a result, he or she will stop smoking without undergoing nicotine craving. Other prescription drugs contain nicotine. The most popular example is the NRT or the nicotine replacement therapy. This medication does not relieve your body from nicotine but only replaces its source of the addictive substance.

2.  There are various types of prescription quit smoking aids.

Medications that help people quit smoking come in various forms, such as tablets, patches, nasal sprays, gums, etc. It is important to choose the product that you find most convenient to use. You may also consider the price of each product.

3.  Some drugs are taken prior the intended quit date.

It is important for any smoker to be properly informed about the medication he or she is going to take. Because prescription quit smoking aids work differently from each other, they also vary in the terms of use or dosage. Some medications should be taken before the quit date, for at least a week or several days. Meanwhile, there are drugs that can be taken or used while continuing smoking.

4.  Prescription medications have side effects.

All chemically-formulated quit smoking aids have corresponding side effects. But smokers don’t have to worry much as long as they use the product that is approved by the FDA, and they strictly follow the dosage instructions. Another thing to remember before taking a prescription medication is that they are not appropriate for all smokers. For instance, pregnant women are not allowed to take some quit smoking medications, as well as those who are suffering from health conditions, and taking medications that may negatively interact with the stop smoking aid. There are however drugs that are not approved by the FDA but are recommended through the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. These quit smoking aids are often used by people who did not succeed using the FDA-approved medications. But they are only available with a prescription and are not recommended for pregnant women, teenagers, kids, and those who smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day.

5.  Doctor’s advice is needed before taking medications.

Even those most prescription drugs are safe, they are best taken under the supervision of a health professional. This ensures the safety of the smoker throughout the treatment program.



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