6 Ways Smoking Ruins Your Love Life

You know that cigarette smoking affects your health. But did you know it can affect the quality of your relationship too? Yes. And this is another reason to drop the habit if that ‘cancer’ thing doesn’t motivate you much.

Bedtime Issues

If your partner is not a smoker, he or she will surely be disgusted by the smell of your hair, breath and even your skin. Unless you take a shower for several hours before going to bed, you may not be able to eliminate the foul smell of cigarettes from your body. Little things like not wanting to embrace you at night can trigger bigger problems in your relationship.

Less Intimacy

Smoking is among the major causes of impotence in men. The toxins from tobacco bring thousands of chemical compounds to your body which affects most aspects of health, particularly your reproductive health. Smoking also hampers blood flow. Since a man’s erection is dependent on blood flow, scientists believe that smoking can be a big problem. Female smokers are not exempted. Blood flow is also critical during sexual arousal. Thus, insufficient blood flow in a woman’s reproductive organ may reduce sensation.


Partners of people who smoke are also vulnerable to the illnesses that the smoker may contract. Studies have shown that second-hand smoke is even more dangerous than the first-hand smoke and those who are exposed to it also increased their risk of heart disease, cancer and other serious diseases. Furthermore, smoking weakens the immune system. This is why smokers often experience flu and cold. It’s not really a good thing to deal with a person who always gets sick. For sure, you also don’t want to be a burden to your special someone. Apart from having to take care of you every time you get sick, your partner will always have to worry about your health, making him or her emotionally bothered.

Fertility Problems

Aside from affecting your performance in bed, cigarette smoking also reduces your chances of pregnancy. Studies suggest that smoking results to poor semen quality. It is also a risk factor for miscarriage. So if you and your partner is planning to have a baby, make sure you stop smoking now.

Birth Control

Doctors often say this – women over 25 should not smoke cigarettes while on a pill. Clinical trials have shown that cigarettes can reduce the effectiveness of contraceptive pills and could also lead to serious health complications.

Life Expectancy

If you’re lucky enough to have found the one you want to share your life with, the least thing you want to happen is to realize that you only have a few years left to live. Cigarette smoking reduces a person’s life expectancy rate by over 10 years. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, smokers who quit between the age of 25 and 34 can regain nearly the life expectancy of those who never smoked. That’s pretty good news isn’t it? So before it’s too late, quit smoking now!

Quitting smoking today doesn’t just improve your health but also your love life!



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