Quit Plan: 7 Tips When Going to Social Occasions

During your first days or weeks of stopping smoking, you may want to avoid going to social occasions which include drinking and smoking sessions. Seeing other people smoke can increase your cigarette craving and trigger you to do the same. However, there are times when you couldn’t say ‘no’ to a social gathering especially if the invitation comes from a loved one. Don’t worry, here are some tips that can help you:

Mind-setting is important. Before going to that event, you want to make a promise to yourself that you will not light up no matter what. Stick to your goal. Don’t let just a single occasion overthrow all your efforts to quit smoking.

Remember your reasons for quitting. Think of the reasons why you are quitting smoking today in the first place. Maybe you want to quit because you are concerned about your health and the health of your loved ones. Maybe you’re quitting because you have realized that smoking is such an expensive habit that brings you no good. Maybe you’re quitting because of your children, or your wife or partner. These reasons are going to make you stronger and give you more power and strength to resist temptations.

Inform your friends or relatives. You want to let them know beforehand that you are no longer smoking or you are in the process of quitting. This is important so they will not be inviting you to smoke every now and then. Tell them about what you are going through in a serious manner.

Try not to drink. Instead or sipping some beer, just order a fruit drink or tea. Alcohol can intensify your cigarette craving. And when you reach to the point that you are almost drunk, giving in to the temptation becomes easier. If it’s not possible, just limit your consumption.

Avoid overeating. Social occasions can be a perfect time to indulge, forget about your weight issues and eat whatever you want in whatever amount. But too much sense of fullness can also trigger you to smoke, especially if you eat fatty foods. It is advisable to choose your meal wisely. Before the main course, go for a bowl of fresh vegetable or fruit salad. When eating meat dishes, stick to the lean portions. And as much as possible, pass on the dessert.

Go with a non-smoker. Consider going with a friend or relative who is very supportive about your plan to quit smoking. He or she can remind you about your goal whenever you feel like lighting up. Stay in areas where smoking is not allowed. Avoid being with smokers. You can converse with them once they have finished smoking.

Leave early. As the clock ticks, people may feel a little tired and bored, so you are. Boredom and stress make you vulnerable to smoking. The best thing to do is to leave early. If you think that drinks will be served at the start of the event, consider arriving late to the party.

If you really are determined to quit smoking today, nothing and no one can stop you. With these tips, you can prevent a relapse, regardless of the situation.



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