How can I quit Smoking Using Chantix? 5 Crucial Steps

If you have tried several methods to quit smoking but failed, you may consider using Chantix. This drug works differently from other smoking cessation treatments. According to the manufacturer, this quit smoking aid has a success rate of 44 percent.

If you want to increase your chance of quitting using Chantix, it is important that you strictly follow these guidelines:

  1. Consult your doctor. Chantix is not for everyone. Before taking this drug, you need to know if it is suitable for you. Therefore, you need to consult a doctor first. During the initial checkup, the doctor will consider your medical history, level of nicotine addiction, current treatments and other factors to determine whether you’re fit for the Chantix treatment.
  2. Prepare to quit. Some people need several days or weeks of Chantix use before finally quitting cigarettes. Majority of Chantix users are able to quit after 9 to 12 weeks of treatment. You don’t necessarily need to stop smoking right away once you start with the treatment. However, you will notice that smoking becomes less and less pleasurable as the days go by. That’s Chantix at work.
  3. Once the big day comes, forget about smoking. After the preparatory period, you are more than ready to quit smoking for good. Throw away all the remaining cigarettes you have, including the ashtray and lighter – you won’t need them by that time. Clean your room and change the draperies to remove nicotine residue.
  4. Consult your doctor from time to time. Inform him or her about any undesirable or unusual symptom you may feel while using Chantix to know if it’s normal or not. Ask your doctor to make an assessment of how well you’re doing.
  5. Keep a journal. Track your quit smoking progress. Write down at what time of the day you usually experience craving or any other unwanted sensation.

More Important Reminders

Before starting Chantix, tell your doctor if you have history of cardiovascular or blood vessel problem. If you experience side effects while using the medication, immediately stop and inform your doctor about it. These include redness, swelling or peeling of the skin, nausea, and upset stomach. More serious side effects could be sleeping problems and unusual or strange dreams. While there is lack of scientific evidence that links Chantix with these side effects, some users report of experiencing the same. Well, there’s nothing wrong if you will be extra careful.

Also, Chantix is a prescription medication that is not allowed for pregnant or nursing women, people under 18 years of age, undergoing other medical treatments, and those who have serious medical illness.



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