Quit Plan: 7 Stop Smoking Tips When at Work

Quitting smoking is easy when you have a plan. To increase your chance of success, you should start thinking about what strategies to use to resist the urge to light up and prevent a relapse. Maybe you have cleared everything that has to do with smoking from your house. But that does not guarantee that you will be smoke-free ever, especially when you are at work.

With this quit plan, you can resist cigarette craving even in the workplace.

 1.  Start your day right.

Many smokers who try to quit usually experience a relapse when they are stressed. One of the important things to do when you are undergoing smoking cessation is to manage your stress levels. An effective approach would be to start your day right. Make sure you are having at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

2.  Never skip breakfast.

You need enough energy to handle all your tasks at home and in school. So make sure you take your breakfast. A healthy breakfast meal is composed of protein (egg, lean meat, legumes, beans and dairy products), complex carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables) and fiber (whole grains).

3.  Stay hydrated.

When trying to quit smoking, it is important to keep your body well-fueled and hydrated. The moment you wake up, drink a glass of water because you are most likely dehydrated after 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Bring a bottle of clean water and keep it near you. You can also bring natural fruit juice at work.

4.  Be wary of the coffee break. For many smoking employees, coffee break is also a cigarette break. If you do this before, one way to prevent a relapse is to just stay in your desk. Maybe you can play solitaire on your computer, check your FB account (if possible), or clean your table. If you want to breathe some fresh air, consider taking a walk. Just avoid going to designated smoking areas so you won’t be tempted to light up.

5. Keep a healthy snack near you. Hunger can increase your nicotine craving. But eating the wrong food may also trigger you to light up. Avoid eating chips, salty and greasy foods, and drinking soda as these foods were proven to increase nicotine craving. Instead, nibble on fresh carrots, an apple, chicken sandwich, or a generous amount of vegetable salad. Smoking after eating fruits and vegetables make the taste of cigarette dull and unpleasant, studies suggest.

6.  Lunch wisely. If you find it burdensome to prepare a healthy lunch for work, just be wise when choosing a meal from the menu. The healthier, the better. If you used to smoke after eating, consider going inside the office as soon as you finish your lunch. This way, you will not be tempted to smoke.

7.  Avoid being with smoking colleagues. Just seeing other people smoke can already increase your urge to light up. How much more if you will stay with them?! But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid your smoking colleagues completely. You can chat with them when they are not on a ‘cigarette break’.

What other tips can you share? Feel free to post a comment below.



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