Top 5 Myths about the Quit Smoking Aids

Every day, hundreds of people attempt to quit smoking but only a few are able to actually get rid of the habit for good. While quitting smoking can be challenging, it is possible, especially if you make use of the aid that is suitable for you. Still, many smokers feel discouraged to pursue because of the widespread myths and misconceptions about these quit smoking aids.

It’s time to bust these myths.

Chantix makes a smoker depressed.

It has been reported that some smokers who tried to quit using Chantix experienced depression. However, it is not clear whether the depressive symptoms are directly caused or influenced by the drug as there is no scientific basis that supports such claim. Majority of users did well with Chantix. If you’re considering this quit smoking aid, talk to your doctor beforehand, especially if you have a history of depression or any other mental illness. Also, be aware of your moods while taking the medication and report any changes to your doctor.

Stop smoking aids will make people quit for good.

There is no magic cure for nicotine addiction. While these drugs can help, the biggest predictor of your success is no other than YOU. Most quit smoking products can only help ease the withdrawal symptoms and make cigarettes less pleasurable. It is the psychological aspect of smoking addiction that you should give more focus on. Together with the appropriate treatments, quitting smoking is highly possible.

Quit smoking aids are expensive.

Often, you can’t help but spend for the treatment. But the cost of these quit smoking aids is way too low as compared to the health cost of smoking. Surely, you understand that treating nicotine addiction is much cheaper than treating lung cancer, OCPD, heart disease, etc. Not only that. Smokers are often charged with higher premium rates for their health insurance than non-smokes. That’s because people who smoke are considered ‘high-risk’. Another thing, if you think quit smoking aids are expensive, try computing how much you have spent on cigarettes so far. If fund is the issue, there are free quit help programs offered by charities and government agencies. Some drug companies are even offering free smoking aids. Check out the web and you’ll see many ways to quit smoking without spending much.

Pregnant women cannot use quit smoking aids.

While some medications such as Chantix and Zyban are not allowed, there are other quit smoking aids that pregnant women may use.  These include nicotine replacement therapy. However, it is advisable that they first try a non-drug approach because even if they are considered ‘generally safe’, these drugs may still cause undesirable side effects to the baby. Among the best options to try for pregnant women are psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Most quit smoking treatments don’t work.

Many people are skeptical about the popular quit smoking aids as they think these drugs are just full of hype. But research has shown that some stop smoking aids, particularly nicotine replacement therapy and Chantix can double, if not triple, the chance of quitting success. By following the right dosage and under the supervision of a health professional, you can succeed in getting rid of your smoking habit at no risk.

There are proven quit smoking strategies that when combined with the treatment, can ensure your success. These include setting a quit date, knowing your smoking triggers, and getting support from loved ones and professional counselors.




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