Easiest Way to Quit Smoking: 6 Tips for the Under 18s

Here’s the thing – the younger you start smoking, the more damage this addictive habit will bring to your health as you get older. So if you are under 18 and already smoking, you may want to consider quitting today. Maybe by now you are getting concerned about your health. Well, you should be. But with the following tips, you can make the smoking cessation process easier.

Get all the help you can find. Don’t just rely on your willpower to quit smoking. A growing body of research suggests that willpower is a finite source. Meaning, it gets depleted over time. Many times, you will encounter challenges that will make it hard for you to stop smoking such as peer pressure, problems at school and at home, and other personal conflicts. During tough times like this, the least thing you want to do is quit. So it is very much advisable to get all the help you need. Consult a doctor, tell your friends and family that you are quitting so they can help you as well. Take time to research about the best treatments available for young people like you.

Make a deal with good friends. Tell them you are quitting. You can increase your motivation by making a deal with them. For example, make a deal to treat them for lunch if you smoke even once in a span of one week. And if you don’t, they will give you a reward as well. This is exciting and challenging too!

Be with positive friends. Avoid being with people who smoke so you don’t get tempted to light up. If your friends smoke, encourage them to quit with you. Tell them about the harmful effects of smoking. Show them you are concerned about their health and you are willing to help them. Make these people your quitting buddies! If you work together, it will be easier for all of you to overcome smoking addiction.

Engage in fun, physical activities.

Maybe this is the perfect time to sign up for a sports camp or a try out. Exercising can help relieve nicotine craving. And there are many ways to exercise, one of which is to engage in sports activities. Organize a sports clinic and invite young people like you who smoke. Be a hero and save lives from the dangers of smoking!

Get your family to support you. Your parents will be the happiest parents in the world the moment they found out that you plan to quit. Make them proud. If they don’t know you smoke, you may consider telling them. They might freak out a bit but inform them that you are actually planning to quit. They will understand and would do everything to help you.

Avoid your smoking triggers. Smokers have different triggers. For you it may be stress, peer pressure, going to social occasions, or seeing others smoke. Study your smoking patterns and determine what usually triggers you to smoke. If you know who your enemies are, you can strategize smart ways to beat them.



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