My Time to Quit: Top 5 Quit Smoking Excuses

Many smokers choose not to quit at all because of several reasons that have no basis at all. The reasons sometimes sound logical by are simply mere ‘excuses’. Here are some of the most common quit smoking excuses:

5) The damage is done.
Many people, especially older adults, think that there’s no point in quitting smoking because by the time they started, they have already increased their risk of cancer and other smoking-related diseases. So quitting now wouldn’t change anything. But actually, your body starts to repair itself the moment you quit. In just a few hours after your last cigarette, you can expect many positive changes such as better smell and sense of taste. Inside your body, your lungs will have significantly improved after several days or weeks. Months and years after you quit smoking, your risk of cancer and all other smoking-related diseases would have gone down to the same level as that of non-smokers.

4) Quitting is stressful.
It is only stressful when you are unwilling. If you are highly motivated, you can quit smoking easily. Although you will experience a variety of physical and psychological symptoms as part of the withdrawal period, all these are temporary. Once your body has flushed most of the nicotine it has accumulated, you can expect to feel better. Actually, smoking causes hormonal imbalance in your body, making you feel more stressed. So if you want to live a less-stressful life, stop smoking now.

3) Quitting could lead to weight gain.
Whether you are a smoker or not, you will gain weight if your body does not burn more calories than what it absorbs. There is lack of scientific evidence that supports weight gain after quitting smoking. Perhaps the reason why many people report gaining weight after stopping cigarette use is because they tend to eat high calorie foods to overcome nicotine craving. Instead of replacing cigarettes with food, increase your physical activity. Exercise has been proven to help fight nicotine cravings. When snacking, choose low-fat food options, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

2) Addiction is hard to break.
It’s true – smoking is among the most common forms of addiction, and can be hard to treat. But there are wide ranges of treatment options proven to eliminate nicotine addiction. With the right knowledge and guidance from a smoking cessation specialist, you can ward off your addiction to cigarettes. It may take a little more time but eventually, you will get through it.

1) Quitting is a barrier to having social life.
You may be a social smoker who only lights up during special occasions with friends. But although it’s much better than smoking one pack a day, it still damages your health. There are many ways to socialize with other people without sacrificing your health. Not only that. Due to the growing awareness about nicotine addiction and its harmful effects to health, more and more people are now finding smoking less and less acceptable. As a matter of fact, many smokers are being discriminated. They don’t even have the right to smoke everywhere they want.

If your reason for not quitting smoking today is one of these, it isn’t really a reason at all. Rather, an excuse! Quit smoking now. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and for the people you care about the most.



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