Smoking Ban: Top 5 Reasons Why it Works

When it comes to cigarette smoking, the health hazards are always involved. However, if public smoking is allowed in any type, these hazards also happen for non-smokers. Although smoking is already banned in certain places, establishing a more extensive ban provides several benefits in the fight against smoking. Smoking bans have provided many positive effects not only to smokers but to non-smokers also.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it works.

Smoking bans motivate smokers to quit. Advocates of public smoking bans think that the tougher it is for smokes to smoke, the more possible they are to reduce their unhealthy habit and eventually stop. Although some smokers are vey addicted to the nicotine, they just stop due to the ban, others may only smoke occasionally. Smoking ban provides these smokers another reason to keep away from smoking completely.

Smoking bans prevent secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is absolutely disturbing for non-smokers, who make efforts to secure themselves from the health risks of smoking simply to get annoyed by it in public from people who smoke. This risk applies to everybody that includes children. Secondhand smoke was considered to be more hazardous than the firsthand smoke, because as the smoker exhales the chemicals found in tobacco blends with the carbon monoxide, providing more hazardous compounds. In addition, those who are planning to stop smoking may find it more difficult to avoid temptation in surroundings occupied with secondhand smoke. Public smoking bans remove the problem of non-smokers having to compete with the cigarettes of others.

Smoking bans set a good example for youth. Children grow up believing that while smoking is not good, it is not prohibited by the law as long as you’re of legal age to buy cigarettes. Moreover, they are usually surrounded by individuals smoking in unrestricted locations their whole lives, so they grow with the idea.  Smoking bans help to demonstrate the reason that not only smoking is harmful for your health; it is not even permitted outside of private places. This supports the significance of keeping away from smoking.

Smoking bans promote better public health. Statistics show that hospital admissions for coronary problems, especially heart attacks, dropped seventeen percent a year after an extensive smoking ban was implemented. Also, medical researchers discovered that non-smokers admitted for these causes had lesser amount of cotinine. It is a byproduct that occurs if nicotine was absorbed in the body. This shows that secondhand smoke portrayed a bigger part behind the prevalence of coronary problems before the smoking ban was implemented.

Smoking ban saves more lives. As a result of the stated reasons, banning smoking can definitely save more lives. There are many people who will be free from being addicted to tobacco with this government participation. Aside from saving your life, you can save others’ lives as well. When smoking is banned, cigarette smokers will be discouraged to purchase more cigarettes, helping them to save money and relieving themselves from its life-threatening health effects.




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