10 Funny Yet Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

If sticking patches or undergoing detox treatment are the only ways that you to know to quit smoking, you are wrong. There are many other ways to stop the habit, some of which are quite amusing but are definitely effective. If you are in the process of quitting smoking, here are some strategies that can help you:

Have a heart attack!

If seeing photos of severely damaged lungs and body organs don’t give you a buzz, maybe you can try experiencing them yourself. Don’t stop smoking and increase your cigarette consumption, maybe you can make it two packs a day instead of just one. Getting a heart attack or any other serious health problem might be just the way to scare you into quitting smoking for good!

Get pregnant.

Maybe this is the time that you start thinking of having a family of your own. Research shows that pregnancy is one of the major life transitions that encourage many women to quit smoking. There is no denying that smoking can significantly harm the health of the baby. Experts recommend quitting smoking during the child-bearing age because most pregnancies are unplanned. Having a baby inside you will definitely make you feel guilty of lighting up.

Make a bet.

Call a friend or a family member and pledge to give them a reward if you smoke for one month. Otherwise, they are the ones to reward you. This is cool yet very challenging. Agree on the type of reward. It may be a vacation trip, a treat in a luxury restaurant, or an expensive gift!

Make a blog.

Make your quit smoking journey an inspiration to others by writing your own story online. Create a daily journal or write articles about the challenges you’ve come across with. Ask other people to contribute articles on your blog so they too, can share some tips and advice.

Go backpacking.

Purposely leave your cigarettes at home and do some nature tripping. Explore great outdoors by yourself or with your friends. It’s time to breathe in fresh air that nature has to offer.

Brush your teeth before you smoke.

Every time you have cigarette craving, brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash. This can greatly help reduce your craving by giving you a cleaner and refreshing feeling.

Wear a ‘no to smoking’ sign. Wear a t-shirt or a jacket that warns people against smoking or encouraging you to smoke. Or, wear something that shows the ill effects of cigarette smoking. In your desk and in your home, place a large ‘no smoking’ sign that tells people about your view to quit smoking.

Sleep the craving away. When cigarette craving is at its worse, sometimes the best remedy is to sleep it away. Take a nap. Once you’re up, you are less likely to think about lighting up.

Go nuts. You may also try eating nuts to satisfy your cigarette craving. This way, you can keep your hands and mouth busy in a healthy way.

Quit your job. And get hired somewhere where you can’t smoke. Your workplace has a great influence over your lifestyle. Choose the one which encourages you to live healthy!



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