How Do I Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

Quitting cold turkey requires not only great perseverance but also your commitment. If you wish to quit smoking you need to stay mentally strong and keep a busy and active lifestyle. This article will help you quit smoking today and stay nicotine-free for the rest of your life.

Wielding a Strong Mind

Learn and understand the advantages and disadvantages of quitting cold turkey. This smoking cessation technique does not use any nicotine replacement products. This means quitting cold turkey can be very uncomfortable for someone trying to quit smoking. It requires great perseverance and objectivity. You need to understand that only 1 out of 10 smokers quitting cold turkey is successful because of the extreme changes they need to endure while quitting.

The advantages, if you’re quitting because of an acute health condition brought about by severe smoking, quitting cold turkey is your fastest way to recover your health or to prevent it from worsening. It is also possible that you’ll be more determined to quit cold turkey because of the serious health risk.

You’ll feel great pain, this is unavoidable, but you’ll only suffer it for a shorter period of time. Instead of waiting for months or years to wean off your nicotine dependence, you can defeat your addiction more swiftly if you’re successful.

The disadvantages, however, may include intense and severe withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and depression. Also, there is a small chance that you’ll be successful quitting cold turkey.

Nonetheless, quitting cold turkey is still a good way to quit smoking today. Below are simple steps how you can quit cold turkey.

Create a plan. Making a master plan will help you to stay focus and more committed to your goal. You may want to pick a date in the calendar to mark the start of your smoking cessation program. You may also want to track the days that you successfully fight the urge to light up. Pick the days or weeks or months that are less stressful for you and that you have the least appetite to smoke.

Watch your stress level. If you can handle the stress, you’ll be less likely to light up. Most smokers smoke to cope with stress. It is important to find a way how you can deal with the stress caused by the withdrawal symptoms.

Keep Yourself Busy and Have an Active Life

Be active. If you want to quit smoking now, you need to be active to keep yourself from lighting up a cigarette. It will not only make you feel healthier, it will also help you replace the old habit of smoking with other healthy routines.

Being socially active will help you pass the time without smoking. Spending the whole time in your room will only makes it harder for you to quit smoking. Spend time with your family, friends and support group to keep you distracted from lighting a cigarette.

Fight the urge. It’s a must. It is very important to know your trigger points to avoid the chance of a relapse. Fight the urge to light up. You can keep yourself busy with other things such as spending your vacant time in the gym, or doing your favorite sports.



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