10 Side Benefits if You Quit Smoking Today

The major health benefits of quitting smoking today include lower risk of developing heart disease and cancer, and of course, longer life!  But did you know you could gain more? Let’s call it ‘bonuses’ of quitting smoking! Here they are:

You’ll find sex more pleasurable.

Quitting smoking might be the cure you have been waiting for that will remedy all your issues about sex. Numerous studies have shown link between smoking and reduced sexual drive. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, smoking could affect even the sexual arousal of men or women who don’t smoke.

You’ll get less anxious.

You may not be aware of it but smoking could increase your anxiety levels and put you at risk of anxiety disorder, even depression. A study by British researchers suggests that quitting smoking can lower anxiety over the long-term. Another study published in the journal Addiction showed lower perceived stress among people who quit after a year of being hospitalized for heart disease.

You’ll feel happier.

Brown University researchers suggest that quitting smoking could dramatically improve your mood and make you simply a happy person.

Your teeth will look nicer.

And you’ll have fresher breath too! Quitting smoking could dramatically lower your risk of developing oral health problems, including tooth decay and cavity, and even more dangerous conditions like mouth cancer. So if you want to have whiter, healthier teeth.

You’ll have gorgeous hair.

Tired of spending thousands of dollars on hairstyling and treatments? If you are smoking, you are just wasting your money. Research has linked smoking with baldness or hair loss in males. A study which was published in the Archives of Dermatology found that even taking into account other hair-loss factors like age and race, heavy smoking increased the risk of balding.

You’ll have more savings.

If you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day, in one year you could save $1,095. If you smoke two packs a day, you’ll save $2,190 and $3,285 if you consume 3 packs. In 5 years, you could have saved $5,475,  $10,950 and $16,425 respectively. Yes, that’s really big!

You’ll raise your chances of getting pregnant.

If you’re trying to conceive, quit smoking now. NBC News reported that women who smoke are 60 percent more likely to be infertile than those who do not smoke. They are also at a higher chance of spontaneous miscarriages and having babies who are underweight and at risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Your skin will glow like a goddess.

Numerous studies have shown that smoking causes sagging of skin, wrinkles particularly around the lips, and uneven skin tone. So if you quit smoking now, expect to have a more glowing, beautiful and radiant healthy skin!

Your colds won’t be as bad.

Even mild forms of cold could become the worst for people who smoke. That’s according to the researchers at Yale University. The reason for this is that your immune system tends to overreact with nicotine, leading to symptoms that are similar with that of flu.

You’ll gain more energy.

The moment you stop smoking, you will experience significant improvements in your energy levels. You will have the vitality you need to exercise, do your daily tasks at home, in school and at work, and still have the energy to engage in leisure activities.



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