Top 5 Quit Smoking-Friendly States in America

Out of the 50 states in the United States of American, there are 5 states that you can count on to really help you out with quitting the habit. You may not be living in these cities, but if you plan to move anytime soon, consider settling into one of these states and see how it can be better for you.


California was one of the first states that started the statewide smoking ban especially in enclosed areas including bars and restaurants. Although they gave a bit of a leeway three years after to allow smoking in bars, California remains one of the states that strongly advocate non-smoking within the state’s perimeters. They also implement the non-smoking policy especially in state-initiated events. Their initiative also includes non-smokers who may be affected by second or third hand smoke.

North Dakota

North Dakota is one of the more recent additions to states that choose to be smoke-free. Ratifying the decision in 2012, the North Dakota community also included gambling and gaming facilities and bars to ban smoking. In making this decision, they considered the overall air pollution levels especially in bars and have found that they have been greatly reduced since a test was done even before the law was passed.


Another of the first few states that joined the no-smoking campaign is Arizona which has exerted efforts in anti-smoking ad campaigns not just targeted towards adults but also to teenagers who may have been smoking at an early age. Thanks to high cigarette taxes and a strong advocacy towards better health, Arizona has been one of the most successful states in the campaign against smoking.


Connecticut passed the anti-smoking law in 2003 and has since been increasing places to implement it. It has initially allowed smoking in restaurants and bars, but has been increasing the establishments in the list in the past year or so. They have also passed a law to include public places like beaches and recreational facilities. They have also rallied against the use of electronic cigarettes this year, which some smokers use as a “crutch” towards nicotine freedom.


Michigan has increased their efforts recently in the anti-smoking campaign by including universities in the list of non-smoking zones. More and more studies are conducted against air pollution and how it is directly affecting the air quality of the State, particularly in public places like restaurants. They have also studied how reduced indoor smoking also affects the quality of air outside their homes or workplace. Although there has been a great deal of battle between allowing e-cigarettes and hookas, reducing smoking in colleges and universities is a good start.

Here are only a few of the many states that are now putting health at the top of their list. As an advocate of non-smoking, or as somebody who is starting to quit, it would be great to look into the efforts of your state legislators and be proactive in providing different suggestions to make it easier for them to help smokers stop smoking today. Join campaigns in your community that would strengthen the advocacy against smoking. It would be helpful for you, too if you are starting to quit. You can meet people who understand the process of quitting and can empower each other to quit smoking now.



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