8 Questions You Want to Ask Your Doctor about Quitting Smoking

You get up, take a shower, brew your coffee, and while reading the newspaper you light up your favorite cigarette. If you’re among those people who smoke as part of their daily routine, you may feel it is almost impossible to quit. But once you re-learn to live your life without cigarettes, you will look better, feel younger, and become healthier.

Nicotine addiction is curable. And your doctor can play an essential role in helping you quit smoking. Most likely, they have the experience and expertise to help you quit. And most importantly they know your medical history and they can recommend and guide you when choosing the treatment that may work best for your case.

Get the Ball Rolling – Start the Conversation

You may feel awkward to approach and ask your doctor about quitting smoking and quit-smoking aids. Chances are, you feel embarrassed or you simply don’t know what to ask. This article will help you make the conversation a bit easier and more useful. Below are 8 important questions you want to ask your doctor about quitting smoking.

  1. What are the possible health risks of smoking in my case? – It is important for you to know the risk of smoking to your current health status
  2. If I quit smoking today, will it lower my health risks? – What are the effects or benefits of quitting smoking?
  3. What are the common withdrawal symptoms and how can I overcome them? – It is also important to know them so you’ll be prepared.
  4. Are there medications (quit smoking aids) to help me quit? Which one would work best for me? How long do I need to take them? What are the possible side effects?
  5. Do I need smoking cessation counseling? Where can I find a support group? – You need a good support group.
  6. Will I gain weight if I quit? Is there any chance you can refer me to a dietician to help me with my healthy eating plan? – living a healthy lifestyle makes it easier for you to quit.
  7. Do I need to give up drinking alcohol too? – Drinking alcoholic beverages trigger smoking.
  8. How can I avoid a smoking relapse? – Avoiding the things that trigger smoking increases your chance of quitting.

Smoking is an easy habit to pick but definitely hard to break. A smoker will need more than simple determination to kick the habit out his system. And more than the determination, he also needs all the support he can get from his family, friends, and peers. Your doctor is your partner in your efforts to quit smoking, not only he can provide you with the answers, but this person is also familiar with your medical history which is very helpful in determining the right treatment for you.

So now when you visit your doctor, don’t be hesitant, shove off the awkwardness and set the ball in motion. Besides, no one can help you more but your doctor. He can help you set your foot on the right track. See you doctor now, and start your journey towards a cigarette-free life.



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