My Time to Quit: 5 Mobile Apps that Can Help

Quitting smoking has become easier these days than it was years ago. Why? Because now you can make use of so many tools to help you avoid smoking urges and deal with all other challenges that come with quitting. They include quit smoking apps.

Check out some of these applications and see if they are the one you need:

My Last Cigarette

This app is available for iPhone and iPad users. It comes complete with handy stats and information that will help you kick the habit. As soon as the app is ready, it will ask you to enter facts about your smoking updates. Then it will give real-time updates to tell you what improvements you can expect if you continue a cigarette-free life. This app also displays your current nicotine and carbon monoxide levels. By the way, this application costs 99 cents.


This free tool is available for Blackberry, android and iPhone uses. The app provides usual indicators that give you updates about various things, like when you last smoked and how much money you have saved so far from not smoking. It also shows updates on how much your health has improved. This cool application is linked to Facebook and Twitter, and provides exciting hidden achievements or rewards that you can ‘unlock’ at certain stages in your quit smoking journey.

My QuitBuddy

What makes this application cool is that it has a ‘panic’ button that you can hit which immediately connects you through the national Quitline or a designated buddy who will then provide you a more personal approach to helping you quit your habit. This tool, which can be downloaded in android phones and iPhones, will keep you motivated with a concise readout together with your quit smoking stats that tell you how much tar you have avoided, and how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked. What’s more – it’s free!

Quit Pal

This innovative app was designed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), incorporating research-based strategies to help you quit smoking. It has a calendar function that helps you set quit date, track your financial goals, schedule reminders, and monitor your progress. It also provides health milestone alerts and craving tips, Facebook and Twitter integration, video diary features, and access to NCI free toll number and chat line.


This quit smoking app comes with a timer that records the amount of time you’ve been cigarette free, the number of cravings you were able to resist, and the number of cigarettes you have successfully avoided. Knowing all this information makes you more motivated to pursue your quit smoking goal.

Livestrong My Quit Coach Lite

This tool gives you a personalized plan that comes with progress charts and motivational tips that will help you stay focused on your goal. Just like QuitNow, this mobile app also provides you reward badges for the improvements or progress you made.

These apps are not a replacement for professional intervention provided by doctors and quit smoking specialists. However, they can help always come in handy anytime you feel like you need help in eliminating your smoking habit.



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