5 Ways to Quit Social Smoking

Do you smoke only when you party with friends? Then you must be a social smoker. Many people think that social smoking is no big deal because it doesn’t affect their health like regular smoking does. Nonetheless, research shows that occasional cigarette smoking can still pose big health hazards. Another thing, social smokers tend to consume plenty of cigarettes in just one day or a couple of hours.

Quitting social smoking can be just as difficult as quitting regular smoking. But it is possible to overcome. If you’re looking to kick this habit, here are some tips for you:

  1. Determine your smoking triggers. Find out why you smoke in social settings. Is it because your friends smoke too? Is it because you find it enjoyable to smoke while chatting with other people? Do you itch for a cigarette after consuming a beer or two? Do you get carried away whenever you see your friends and other people smoke?
  2. Take action to address the issue. Once you’ve figured out the real cause of your social smoking habits, it’s time to take action. You don’t really have to give up your social life to avoid smoking. You may find other ways to eliminate cigarettes whenever you’re in social gatherings. You may also consider reducing the amount of time you spent on parties or occasions where you feel the desire to smoke.
  3. Be cautions when drinking. Many people find it pleasurable to smoke after drinking a couple of alcoholic drinks. Figure out at which point you crave for a cigarette. Drinking too much or a certain alcoholic beverage may increase your urge to light up.
  4. Find alternatives to smoking. Maybe you can chew a gum whenever you feel the urge to smoke. You can also order juice or ice tea instead of beer if alcohol beverages trigger you to light up. Also, some people crave for cigarettes after eating a heavy meal (consists of oily and fatty foods) so you may want to take a closer look at your food intake whenever you’re attending social gatherings or get-togethers. It is important that you know the specific things that trigger you to engage in social smoking.
  5. Tell your friends that you’re quitting social smoking. This is a very important step. You really don’t want any of them to be asking you if you want a cigarette almost every second. Tell them that you are quitting and it would be great if they can help you with your quit smoking journey. Ask them to remind you that you are quitting every time they see you light up.

Quitting smoking today is one key to a living a healthy and happy future. If you need help with smoking cessation, talk to your doctor. There are different quit methods you can try to combat cigarette craving and speed up the healing process of your body.



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