5 Facts You Did Not Know about Smoking and Reproduction

5. Smoking decreases a woman’s chances to have babies.
Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 50 years you are well aware that smoking increases your risk for heart disease, lung disease, and diseases of the blood vessels. But what you may not be aware of is the negative effect that smoking has on a woman’s ability to become pregnant and safely carry a pregnancy to term.

4. Smoking decreases a man’s chances to have babies.
You may be aware of the link between smoking and erectile dysfunction (ED). However, with the widespread use of Viagra many smokers do not believe ED is a problem. But what they do not realize is that studies show that smoking also results in poor semen quality. So, even if you can overcome ED you may not get the job done because of your semen. That is just two of the ways smoking may interfere with men’s ability to procreate.

3. Smoking Hampers Blood Flow.
Even if you are able to conceive smoking is a risk factor for miscarriage because smoking hampers blood flow. So, if you want to someday have a beautiful baby I suggest you reconsider your decision to smoke.

2. Smoking May Also Cause Unwanted Pregnancies.
If you are not ready for a baby you should still quit because clinical trials have shown that cigarettes can reduce the effectiveness of contraceptive pills. Not to mention the fact that smoking while taking birth control pills, can significantly increase your risk of a heart attack. Smoking and contraceptive pills are a lethal combination.

1. Quitting Smoking is Cheaper than Fertility Treatments.
Many couples who are looking to have babies later find that they cannot conceive. It is not unusual to spend $10,000 to $20,000 on fertility treatments. Even worse is spending that amount of money and have it not result in a pregnancy. Fertility therapies are cash up front businesses and they carry no guarantees. But if money is no object and you are using fertility therapies you should still quit smoking because, smoking cessation is an independent factor that improves success rates with infertility therapies.

All of these headaches could easily be avoided by quitting smoking. Make the decision to quit smoking today for good. If you really are determined to quit smoking today, nothing and no one can stop you.



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