10 Headache Remedies While Quitting Smoking

Headaches are notoriously difficult to treat because no single treatment works for all of them. Quitters are often plague with headaches while trying to quit smoking. The following are useful remedies to help eliminate this pesky problem:

1) Over the counter medications work.. Visit your local pharmacy and you will find shelves full of headache remedies. This goes without saying but if you are reading this post you most likely prefer natural remedies to over-the-counter (OTC) medications. I mention this option here for the sake of completion.

2) Remember to Hydrate. You may think this too simple a remedy but often it is all that is needed. Drink a tall glass of water as soon as you feel the headache coming on and keep sipping some water through out the day.

3) Do not De-hydrate. Avoid drinking coffee, alcohol, and sugary drinks that dehydrate you. For the same reasons given above you want to maintain your hydration.

4) Fish oil works wonders. It is the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil that completely eliminates and prevents headaches. You will find omega-3 supplements all over your grocery aisle.

5) A massage if you can get it. A massage is excellent therapy for any ailment. The biggest problem is finding a good masseuse. If you can use Google you should be able to find one. Otherwise, I leave that problem for you to solve.

6) Avoid loud noises. Noise is a trigger for headaches. Find a quiet place to rest and meditate to relieve your pain.

7) Avoid bright lights. Bright light can also trigger headaches. A nice dark room free of noise and disturbances is just what the doctor ordered too. You may consider acquiring a nice pair of shades to wear.

8) Hot or cold depends on you. A hot shower or cold shower, cold or hot compresses the both work depending on the individual. Try one then the other and figure out what works best for you.

9) Headaches as a symptom of another problem. Sinus infection, allergic reactions, and a number of other ailments have headaches as a symptom. So treating the underlying problem to get rid of your headache.

10) Exercise. I put this at the end because I know the resistance most people will have to this advice but it works. Try yoga, walking or anything that will get your body moving. Exercise is great for you and excellent therapy for relieving and preventing headaches.

We humans often just seem to feel the need to make things more complicated. The advice given above is sound and works well without any need of complicated variations. These tips are tried and true no need to thank me for them. Just quit smoking and leave your comments below is all the thanks I need.



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