4 Non-Traditional Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking, for some, is such a hard habit to break. Good thing, there are plenty of smoking cessation treatments that have been clinically proven to help a smoker quit. However, if these treatments do not fit your preference or if it might affect your current health condition, you may want to try these natural ways to quit smoking.

 1.  Acupuncture.

When you quit smoking, the serotonin levels in your brain decrease sharply, as a result, you experience extreme withdrawal symptoms. Aside from the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of acupuncture, it also helps lessen the withdrawal symptoms by triggering the production of serotonin in your brain. Research shows that acupuncture, coupled with proper smoking cessation awareness, increases the chances of quitting smoking. With this method, forty percent of smokers successfully quit for good, and an overwhelming 53 percent reduced their cigarette consumption.

 2.  Vegetables and Fruits

It pays to eat more fruits and vegetables especially if you’re trying to quit. Smokers who have more fruits and vegetables in their diet are three times more likely to quit than those who do not. They are also less likely to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Unlike caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and meat, fruits and vegetables do not enhance tobacco taste. In fact, it even worsens it. Aside from helping you ditch the habit, shifting to a healthier lifestyle offers other good benefits to your body.

 3.  Exercise

Increasing your day-to-day activities also increases your chances of quitting. Studies shows that physical activities help reduce cigarette cravings by boosting the dopamine secretion in the brain.

A 15-minute walk every morning or a 10-minute jog in the treadmill can help you kick the habit for good. What more if you spend more hours working out in the gym? You may want to sign-up for a fitness program while undergoing smoking cessation treatment to ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking.

 4.  Herbs

For centuries, herbs and medicinal plants are known to bear many health benefits. There are plants that can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote restful sleep, and cure respiratory conditions. For some people, these herbs and medicinal plants are worth a try.

Valerian. If you want to ease your anxiety and have a restful sleep at night, this popular natural remedy is a good try.  It also helps lessen your nicotine cravings brought by stress and anxiety. It is best combined with other herbs such as St. John’s Wort, oat straw, and skullcap. Valerian is available either as a tea or supplement.

Lobelia (Indian Tobacco). Lobelia has been known to treat asthma and some bronchial disorders. History can even testify that lobelia has been part of the early remedies to cure these disorders. American Indians smoked lobelia in their pipes to heal various respiratory conditions. Lobelia is available in the form of tincture or supplement to deter smoking. This herb contains unique alkaloids which stimulates the brain similar to the effects of nicotine. But unlike nicotine, lobelia does not appear to be addictive, making it easier for smokers to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.



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