5 Organizations that Want to Help You Quit Smoking

For many people, quitting smoking is tough. And even if they manage to quit, there’s a 75 percent chance that they will experience a smoking relapse. There’s no wonder why there are many products, websites, services and of course, organizations that are designed for those wanting to cut the habit.

Here are among the most popular organizations in the US that help smokers quit for good:

American Cancer Society (ACS)

It’s a common knowledge that smoking can lead to lung cancer. But this deadly habit is also linked to cancer in the mouth, cervix, kidney, bladder, stomach, and uterine. The American Cancer Society helps smokers quit by providing comprehensive and research-backed information, tips and guides in quitting smoking. ACS offer an online program called “Guide to Quitting Smoking” which provides information on the physical, social and economic benefits of quitting smoking, as well as resources to make quitting easier for smokers.

The Foundation for a Smokefree America

This organization was founded by Patrick Reynolds, grandson of R.J. Reynolds, the manufacturer of many cigarette products, after seeing that many of his family members were battling with smoking-related illnesses. The foundation works by educating current and potential smokers, as well as policymakers and physicians, about the danger of cigarette smoking and techniques to ditch the habit. They have created online tools like the “Quitting with Help” and “Staying Smokefree”. They also sponsor the 1-800-QUIT-NOW helpline that caters to anyone looking to give up smoking or wanting to avoid a relapse.


This organization was founded by a Boston physician in 1995. Currently, it is being run and operated by Healthways as a profit-company. While it’s free to join their online community, QuitNet offer a monthly 10-dollar premium membership which includes an expanded “Quitting Guide,” one-on-one counseling, and milestone trophies.

American Heart Association (AHA)

The AHA identifies smoking as one of the top 6 risk factors for coronary heart disease. That’s why they offer help to smokers by providing tips about dealing with nicotine urges whether you’re at home, outside, or in social events. They also have a list of resources for professional intervention.

American Lung Association (ALA)

Being the number one cause of lung disease, the AHA offers an extensive campaign against smoking, which includes resources for individuals. They have a Lung HelpLine that lets smokers to a nurse or respiratory therapist regarding all aspects of lung health.  They have quit smoking programs for young people and adults. They also have a unique program for employers who are looking to reduce the health cost for workers, by helping them quit smoking. It involves several tools, like seven-week clinics that make it easier for smokers to ditch the habit.

There are many other organizations that provide services to everyone who wants to stop smoking today. Being cigarette-free brings many positive benefits to your life and health, and to other people who care about you. If you think quitting all by yourself is difficult, consider seeking help from any of these organizations. They are sure going to make quitting a lot easier for you.



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