4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Quit Smoking Program

There are a number of quit smoking methods that are proven to be effective in reducing cigarette cravings, as well as the other symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. But sometimes, combining several methods is more effective than using just a single one. This is the idea behind most quit smoking programs. Clinics, charities and organizations create various treatment programs to help smokers ditch their deadly habit.

If  you’re looking to sign up for a quit smoking program, here are four important things you have to ask yourself:

Are the pharmacological products included in the program right for me?

bigstock-Young-African-American-Man-Bre-40565854If you have high levels of addiction to nicotine, making use of prescription medications can be very helpful. There are quit smoking drugs that work by reducing the nicotine receptors in your brain so smoking slowly becomes less pleasurable. However, before you use them, you may want to make sure that you are choosing the treatment that’s right for you, especially if you are having other health conditions or you are taking other types of medications. If you are pregnant, had a history of stroke, heart disease, seizure or depression, consult a health professional before attempting to use any quit smoking method. There are quit smoking aids that don’t work well with other drugs. So talk to your doctor, pharmacist or a quit smoking specialist before using any of the prescription (and even the over-the-counter) quit smoking aids.

A good quit smoking program is one that helps increase your awareness about the dangers of smoking, and how to make smoking cessation easier.

Does the program provide adequate support?

One of the major benefits of quit smoking programs is that they could provide you advice and support when and where you need it. A good quit smoking program helps you develop strategies and contingency plans that will help you stay cigarette-free until you have completely eliminated your nicotine addiction. Some organizations offer one-on-one or phone-based counseling, online support, coaching services, and the like. Support is essential during the quitting process. Motivation and encouragement is something you won’t get from taking medications or using NRTs alone.

Does it help me become more aware?

A good quit smoking program is one that helps increase your awareness about the dangers of smoking and how to make smoking cessation easier. It should give good resources where you can find detailed information about any area of smoking cessation you wish to be educated about, such as dealing with smoking relapse, overcoming nicotine craving, staying smoke-free, and so on.

Does it give me access to professional help anytime I need?

Most quit smoking programs have their own help lines that let you seek assistance whenever you want. Some programs have an online community where you can interact with others smokers who are also trying to overcome nicotine addiction. It’s also important that the quit program has an easy access to smoking cessation specialist who can give you real-time advice and support especially on those days when you find it hard to resist your nicotine urges.



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