7 Tips to Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey is one of the oldest ways to eliminate nicotine addiction. However, this technique requires strong commitment and determination. You will feel more pain, but you are going to experience it for a shorter period of time. Instead of using NRTs or taking drugs for several months to slowly reduce your nicotine addiction, you increase your chances of succeeding at the quickest possible time when you choose to quit cold turkey.

bigstock-Smoking-3742372If you’re looking to use this method to get rid of your smoking habit, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Be more than willing to quit. When you quit cold turkey, you are not going to make use of any drug or undergo a smoking cessation program. This means you would have to rely on yourself completely. So when you decide to quit cold turkey, be more than willing to do it.
  2. Create a game plan. If you want to succeed in quitting cold turkey, you want to create a game plan first. Your game plan should include a quit date, and the strategies or techniques you can use to combat smoking urges, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and alleviate stress. Don’t stick to plan A. Make sure you have plan B and C as well. Also, don’t forget to identify your smoking triggers. Whether it’s drinking beer or coffee, eating a large meal, or going to parties – knowing what your smoking triggers are, are essential to your success.
  3. Stay physically active. Make quitting smoking one major reason for you to stay active. Exercise is one great way to stray your mind from cigarette cravings. It also increases your energy, helping you combat the stress and anxiety that comes with smoking cessation.
  4. Be more social. Locking yourself up in your room or isolating yourself from other people is not going to help you quit cold turkey. This is one of the moments in your life when you will greatly benefit from seeking social support. Your friends and family can provide you support and guidance. Take the opportunity to keep in touch with your loved ones. They don’t just serve as a distraction from smoking urges, but also a source of strength, motivation, energy and happiness.
    Quitting gradually is as successful as quitting cold turkey. Assistance can more than double the chance of success.

  6. Get away from temptation. It’s important to be aware of the things or situations that can get you into a smoking relapse. Avoid hanging out with friends who smoke but not to that extent that your friendship will be compromised (if you will explain to them clearly, they will surely understand). Also avoid going to places where there’s an easy access to smoking such as drinking bars and clubs.
  7. Find a new hobby. Take the opportunity to find a new “outlet”. Think about the thing you have always dreamed of doing. Maybe you have always wanted to join a particular sport. Now is the perfect time to do it! Be more adventurous by trying hiking, running or biking.
  8. Don’t quit! Many people who quit cold turkey experience a relapse. But don’t be discouraged. It is normal. Bear in mind that you are trying to get rid of a habit that has taken you years to build. Find out the reasons why you slipped. That will help you formulate better plans to successfully stop smoking in your next attempt.



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