10 Less Known Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Do the risks of heart disease, lung cancer and other health consequences of smoking not enough to motivate you to quit? Alright. Here are some more facts that you should know.

 1.  You are less likely to burn down your own house.

According to a study, people who smoke are 6 times more prone to fire-related injuries than those who do not smoke. Statistics even suggest that more than 50% of household fires are caused by cigarettes.

 2.  You are more likely to hear more clearly.

Some smokers would often complain of sporadic to almost permanent ringing in their ears that impedes their normal hearing. Beware, smokers have 70% chance of suffering from hearing loss than non-smokers.

 3.  Using oral contraceptives are much safer.

Cigarettes and pills often do not get along well. Your doctor may have warned you about the risks of taking contraceptive pills if you’re a chronic smoker. If you’re a smoker, oral contraceptives increase the risks of clots, strokes, and heart attacks. You may have to choose either to quit the pill or the cigarettes.

 4.  You will have more options when dining on your vacations abroad.

Some restaurants and bars abroad banned smoking in their premises. If you’re planning to have your vacation in England, Puerto Rico, France, and New Zealand, you may want to consider quitting smoking now. These countries are among the top destinations that are 100% smoke-free in most bars and restaurants.

 5.  You are less likely to develop psoriasis.

According to studies, long time smokers are at more risk of developing psoriasis. People who smoke  1 pack of cigarette daily are at greater risk. The more you smoke the higher your risk is.

 6.   Quitting slows down the development of HIV to AIDS.

Smokers who are HIV-positive are more likely to experience shorter progression period to AIDS than those HIV-positives who do not smoke. The reason is that smoking greatly affects your immune system, making it easier for the virus to progress. The weaker your immune system the faster the growth of the virus will be.

 7.  You’ll see your dentist less often.

Your dentist may not tell you, but every time you sit in the dentist chair, he is having a hard time cleaning the stain in your teeth. Nicotine and tar stains are very hard to clean. Aside from the stain and bad odor, these compounds found in tobacco will put you at greater risk for various types of dental problems. This may include gum diseases and oral cancers.

 8.  You will be able to lessen the dosage of some of your medications.

If you’re a keen observer, you might have noticed that your medication dosage is higher compared to non-smokers experiencing the same illness as you are. Smoking has an adverse effect on your liver. It suppresses the liver enzymes. This is the reason why sometimes you have to double the dosage of your medication for it to take effect. If you quit smoking now, there is a greater possibility that your liver enzyme will stabilize and you will no longer need to double the dosage of your med.

 9.  You are less likely to have Crohn’s disease.

Long time smokers are 4 times more at risk than those who never light-up of developing this chronic and devastating disease. Crohn’s disease is characterized by lingering pain, frequent diarrhea, and even may require intestinal surgery.

 10.   You’ll have greater chance of having a healthy pregnancy.

The toxic compounds in cigarettes have been shown to interfere with a woman’s ovaries’ ability to produce estrogen. What’s more, they also cause the egg cells to be more prone to genetic abnormalities.




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