3 Quit Smoking Support Programs

Quitting smoking comes with so many challenges. Good thing, there are many places where you can find help and support. Here are three most common types of support programs that give you access to professional intervention and treatments to stop smoking successfully.

Telephone-based Help

If you don’t have time to meet with a counselor, a telephone-based stop smoking program might be the best option for you. Telephone support can be very useful and as effective as in-person support. There are plenty of organizations and quit smoking companies that provide this kind of support. The major benefit of this intervention program is that you need not give extra effort leaving your home or office to obtain professional advice – a therapist is just one call away. Some providers of telephone-based smoking cessation support conduct a regular ‘talk’ session that lasts around 30 minutes to an hour. Some allow you to call your therapist anytime, especially during stressful moments wherein you need more motivation to resist nicotine craving. Most telephone-based programs are available during nights and weekends. Another thing, if you’re the type of person who feels uncomfortable talking with a therapist in-person, this intervention method is a good choice. Just like the in-person therapy, trained counselors conducting sessions over the phone can help you decide whether you need to take medications, nicotine replacement therapy, or a more comprehensive program.

Support Group

Letting your friends, relatives and loved ones know that you are quitting is important to increase your chances of success. However, you may want to get other kinds of support, such as those offered by quit smoking specialists and doctors, fellow smokers who are also trying to quit, successful quitters, and support groups. You may want to check with your healthcare provider, insurance company or employer for available support groups that can help you all through the smoking cessation process.

Personalized Quit Smoking Program

There are stop smoking programs that are crafted specifically for each smoker. These are provided by smoking cessation specialists. These kind of programs may be a combination of in-person and telephone-based counseling, medical treatment, and awareness classes. You will have to work closely with a quit smoking doctor to find the best methods or strategies that will get you out of nicotine addiction easily. Hospitals, employers and insurance providers may provide this service.

Things to Consider When Seeking a Stop Smoking Support Program

A good stop smoking support system is one which provides you the tools you need to succeed in eliminating cigarettes from your life. Be cautious of programs that are short and offer no help over time, charge a very high fee, require you to buy products or medications exclusive from the program, and promise an easy way to quit smoking. Most likely, they are not really concern about your desire to quit smoking – they just want to make money from you. Always check with proper authorities if the provider of the stop smoking support program is legitimate or not, especially if you are dealing with private companies.



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