5 Changes to Make to Help You Quit Smoking

You have made the decision to quit smoking several times, but you haven’t quite gotten to quitting yet. The reason is probably because you have not prepared for the commitment to quit. Here are some of the changes that you can implement to help you quit smoking.

  1. Get Motivation to Quit

Quitting starts with developing a strong motivation to quit and this is often the hardest part of the process. Smoking is an addiction which Radical-Measures-21614366most people have engraved in their lifestyles over several years making it a difficult thing to give up. It will be difficult to give up, but you can do it as long as you build the motivation to stop smoking. Talk to people who have successfully quit smoking to tell you how they got started and how they handled the bumps along the way.

  1. Create a Plan to Quit

They say that failure to plan is planning to fail and this also applies to quitting smoking. It all starts with a plan outlining a start date and including several milestones that you want to achieve. Include milestone goals such as buying something nice with money saved up or going away on vacation to give you more motivation to stick to the set plan.

  1. Identify a Suitable Quit-smoking Method

More than half of all smokers do manage to stop. Remember, being in this 50% means you will live longer, save more money and report a higher sense of well being.

Quitting smoking is a different process for everyone and it is important to find a suitable quitting method that works for you. For instance, some people might successfully quit ‘cold turkey’ but others might need cessation aids to quit smoking effectively. Try creating a new circle of non-smoking friends and try joining a support group to get you started. The only way to identify the best method for you is to give different approaches a try.

  1. Study Your Crave Habits

It is important to study your smoking habits by identifying when you crave cigarettes most. Cravings last for about 5 minutes and it is important to start conditioning your body to do something else when the craving strikes. Instead for reaching for a cigarette try doing some exercise, go for a walk or any activity that will keep you pre-occupied and help you forget about the craving. It is not going to be effective right away, but the earlier you start the faster you will be able to adapt to this change.

  1. Prepare to Start Quitting

Few people make the necessary preparations to start quitting which is necessary to successfully kick the habit. This includes informing family and friends and most importantly getting rid of cigarettes and any other smoking related tools you have in your possession. Informing family and friends will get you the support you need to get started and carry on. Getting rid of cigarettes and ash trays begins your implementation plan of starting a smoking-free lifestyle.

Quitting smoking does not have a per-determined timeline and it is a different experience for everyone. However, by implementing some of these small changes you will be well on your way to stop smoking




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