What Comes Next After Quitting Smoking?

It’s been weeks or months since you had your last cigarette. You are sure that you are on the right track to quit smoking for good, but what comes next after beating your smoking addiction? You will discover that your health, body and life will change in a lot of different ways when you give up smoking. Here are some of the things to look forward to after quitting smoking.

  1. Longer Life

It goes without saying that most people who decide to quit smoking do so because of their health. Quitting smoking is a sure way to marginally increase your life expectancy and studies show that men can gain 10 more years if they quit smoking before 30 while those who beautiful-young-girl-smoking-c-47460742quit at 60 can add 3 or more years to their life. Quitting smoking also drastically reduces the chances of suffering from chronic smoking-related illnesses.

  1. Life Gets Happier

Research has shown that stress levels tend to decrease when smokers quit. One of the acquired symptoms of nicotine addiction is stress and smokers essentially need more and more nicotine to temporarily relieve this stress. When smokers quit, the body receives more oxygen and their concentration levels improve which in turn improves their overall mental well-being.

  1. More Energy To Do A Lot More

With the improved circulation and lung functionality that comes with quitting smoking, ex-smokers benefit from having increased energy. Within the 2nd to 12th week of quitting circulation improves increasing your energy levels and this makes it easy to do much more than you could before. Your immunity system also improves and with oxygen levels also improving you will be less tired. Another benefit tied with having more energy is having more free time on your hands to do anything you want. Most ex smokers would smoke an average of 10 to 15 cigarettes per day while taking a 5 to 10 minute smoking break, equating to an average of 1 to 3 hours spent smoking daily. This is all time that you can compact and use productively or for leisure once you quit smoking.


Quitting will save you hundreds of dollars per year. Quitting smoking will also drastically reduces your chances of suffering from chronic smoking-related illnesses.

  1. Savor  Life’s Tastes and Smells

Most smokers fail to realize that the habit slowly kills their sense of taste and smell. When you quit smoking your sense of taste and smell gets a boost. Once again you can start enjoying and savoring the alluring tastes and smells of life. Quitting also comes with the added benefit of smelling good and looking good. Let’s face it, smokers don’t really realize that they smell until they stop smoking and run into other smokers. Your overall appearance also improves and your skin will be less wrinkly and dry. You will also get a confidence boost and speak directly to people without having to be self-conscious about having the ‘smoker’s breath’ or hiding yellow teeth that come with smoking.

Quitting smoking might seem like a daunting task, but considering the numerous benefits to look forward to after quitting a few people might get the motivation they need to start the process.



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