6 Different Types of Cigarettes

What type of cigarette do you smoke? Cigarettes come in so many names, brands, flavors, appearance and sizes. Let’s talk about some of the most common types of cigarettes that are available in the market today and how each one can ruin your health.

White/Filter Cigarettes

These are the most common types of cigarettes sold in the US. These The-set-of-black-symbols-cigar-42104059cigarettes have a filter that screen the smoke, tar and other particles inhaled by the smoker as he or she puffs. The filter is also intended to reduce the harshness and bitter taste of tobacco. A typical white cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals that are potentially toxic, of which more than 200 are carcinogenic in nature. At present, white cigarettes come in ‘light’ and ‘menthol’ flavors as well. But because these labels are very deceiving as they make cigarettes appear like they are ‘less’ harmful, policies have been implemented to ban them.


Beedi is a thin cigarette filled with tobacco flake wrapped in ‘tendu’. The term was derived from ‘beeda’, a leaf wrapped in betel nuts, herbs, and condiments. Beedi is a traditional tobacco that is widely used in the Middle East and South Asia, particularly in India wherein it constitutes 48% of tobacco consumption. Less processed as they are, beedis have higher nicotine content than regular cigarettes, and carry a greater risk of oral cancers, according to a 2003 study published in the International Journal of Cancer.


These are cigarettes made with a blend of tobacco, cloves and other ingredients for added flavors. It is the most common type of cigarette consumed in Indonesia, accounting to about 90% of tobacco consumption. In the US, kretek is also available – an example is the “A Touch of Clove” brand. But many smokers claim this brand is not a real kretek because it uses clove flavoring-infused crystals placed inside the filter, rather than the actual clove spice used in traditional kreteks.

Fashion Cigarettes

History shows that cigarette smoking is a ‘for men only’ habit. But the feminization of tobacco began with the advent of fashion brands that are specifically marketed to women, particularly those who are fashion-conscious. This type of cigarette became an instant hit among female consumers because of the marketing campaigns promoting ‘slimness’, ‘coolness’ and ‘prestige’.

Herbal Cigarettes

Widely touted as a healthy ‘alternative’, herbal cigarettes are tobacco products that contain no tobacco or nicotine but a mixture of various herbs and other plants like garlic, dried lettuce, cinnamon, clover leaves, etc. Unfortunately, scientific studies show that they are no better than regular cigarettes. The thing is that regardless of the herb’s nutritional value, potentially toxic smoke is produced when it is burned.

Electronic Cigarettes

Also called ‘personal vaporizers’, ‘electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS)’, or simply ‘E-cigarettes’, these are battery-powered devices that stimulate tobacco smoking. It is mainly composed of a heating element that vaporizes a liquid solution to mimic regular tobacco smoke. Until now, the benefits and health risks of E-cigarettes are still not clear. Most brands also contain nicotine and other unidentified chemicals that are still dangerous to health and could lead to addiction and toxicity.

Cigarettes – they all come in different types. These days, they even come in different sizes, colors and flavors. But whatever forms or types there are, cigarettes are all the same. They are toxic, poisonous, and fatally dangerous. They can all harm your body in numerous ways.



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