Two Questions About Quitting Smoking

If you could travel in time ….What Would You Say To Yourself The Day You Picked-up Your First Smoke?

A reader gives a great answer to this question.

I would tell myself, “Hey you, little girl! What in the hell are you thinking?” I would continue…”Sticking that cancer stick is NOT going to make you look like a grown woman, in fact, when you are forty, you are going to look like an Idiot!” I would lastly tell myself, “Wait until you see your mom die of lung cancer….you will really not think smoking is cool!

Closeup-of-man-trying-to-quit--16999748 Dr. Howell, I have been off cigarettes for almost a year and a half…..ok, I did take a few hits off a cigar but was totally grossed out! Feel free to post this to your blog, link your readers to my blog

I feel its time I give back to the people in the community who are trying to quit and let them know that, “Yes, you can do it!.”

Second question – What should you take to help you quit smoking?

There are a lot of people who write me with questions about what should they be taking to quit smoking.

Should they be on taking Xanax to help with the anxiety or be on the patch? etc.

The only thing you need to be “ON” is absolutely convinced that you have smoked your last cigarrette.

Everything else is optional.
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