Chantix testimonials?

“Chantix is nothing less than a “Miracle.” It is an AWESOME product.

My husband is 44yrs. old. He started sneaking and smoking when he was 5yrs old. He started smoking full time when he was 13yrs. old. He averaged smoking FIVE carton’s a month.

We were married six years ago, and the smoke and smell was killing me. I saw something on T.V. about Chantix, I asked my husband if he would try it since he has tried everything else and nothing seemed to work, and he said he would.

He went to our pharmacy to see if you needed a prescription for it, They hadn’t even heard of it.

So when my husband went to his physician for a check-up he asked about it. He told them I had heard about it on T.V. and researched and found it on the internet. His Dr. knew about it and wrote him a script, we went to the pharmacy and they had to special order it.

His insurance even paid some on it. They got it in the next day and he started it.

You are supposed to smoke during the first week while it gets into you system but he didn’t last a week after about three days he was finished and hasn’t smoked since.

He took it for two months just as a precautionary thing. He now tells everyone about it and says he could do a commercial and not tell a lie to sell the product.

He calls hisself the Chantix Poster Boy…He looks healthier. Can taste food better, breathe better. And can’t stand to be around anyone smoking or has been smoking he says it makes him sick.

He said I had no idea I stunk that bad. He tells everyone that if he can quit after 39 years ANYONE can Quit.

Thanks to whoever created Chantix. It is an AWESOME product. -TheDale’s

Chantix works great. We’ll be hearing alot about this drug as more people have success with it. I took it for 30 days total and quit smoking on day 10. -Tom

Ive been on Chantix for a month and it is great. It reduces the cravings. There are minor side effects but nothing that will ruin your day. -Nicki

I have to agree with the others that there some side effects (nausea right after taking the pill for a few minutes) but nothing to the point where I would stop taking it. -Jennifer

Success rates, side effects and cost of popular stop-smoking aids:
Chantix * Zyban Nicotine replacement therapies

Smoke-free after one year
22% 15% 10%
How it works: Partially activates nicotine receptors in the brain to make smoking less fulfilling and calm cravings. Delivered in pill form. Contains the same ingredient, bupropion, as the anti-depressant Wellbutrin. Doctors don’t know exactly why it is effective for smoking cessation. Delivered in pill form. Patches, gums, sprays, inhalers and lozenges provide a low dose of nicotine to help wean smokers off the addictive substance.
Side effects: Nausea, changes in dreaming, constipation, gas. Insomnia, dry mouth. Sprays, inhalers and lozenges may irritate throat. Patches may cause dizziness or headache.
Cost per day, retail $3.90-$4.80 $3 $3-$6

American Cancer Society officials say only about 5% of smokers who try to quit on their own are successful and remain smoke-free after a year.

* – Clinical trials did not directly compare Chantix with nicotine replacement therapies

Prices for prescription drugs vary by pharmacy. Zyban’s price range takes into account its generic form, bupropion.

Source: American Lung Association, Journal of the American Medical Association, Walgreens and CVS pharmacies



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